New screenshots show that Max Payne with RTX looks awesome



    During the release of RTX Portal, users started working on other remasters in the same way as RTX Remix. Among them are Max Payne RTX, which now has full scale development, judging by the new screencast.

    The screenshots from @Acoulte93 that started the project showed the remarkable lighting improvement. Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t yet got access to the AI Texture Super Resolution tool, so the textures haven’t yet been improved, but even though it’s not for the old texts, it’s clear that the project looks impressive.

    While the work continues for Max Payne RTX, Remedy Entertainment, developer of the Alan Wake and Control collection, is currently working on remakes of first and second installments of the series from Rockstar Games. Both games will be merged into one and run on Northlights’ proprietary game engine. On a yet-to-be-confirmed release date, the remake will hit PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox X, and Xbox S.



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