New Minecraft Games Announced


Ravensburger will launch two new Minecraft board games later this year. Earlier this month, Ravensburger announced Minecraft: Portal Dash Y minecraft: Folk Heroes, a couple of new minecraft board games. Minecraft: Portal Dash is a cooperative board game in which players must work together to escape from the Nether dimension. Players battle waves of endless hordes as they find equipment and mine blocks, hoping to find the right strategy to escape the Nether dimension and win the game. Minecraft: Village Heroes has a theme for younger players, with players working together to protect their village from Illagers. Players will have to work together to explore, collect resources, and build buildings. Each player also has an animal companion that grants them special abilities.

These will be the second and third Minecraft-themed board games released by Ravensburger, following the release of Minecraft: Builders and Biomes. In a press release announcing the new games, Ravensburger noted that these games were developed following feedback that players wanted more mob fighting and a game for younger players. Minecraft enthusiasts Minecraft: Builders and Biomes was a huge success, and we heard from fans that they loved battling mobs and also wanted a game for younger players,” said Cassidy Werner, game director for Ravensburger North America, in the press release. “We decided to give them both of them. Minecraft: Portal Dash allows players to fight mobs to their heart’s content, while Minecraft: Village Heroes is a lighter cooperative game for ages seven and up that includes pets. Both games are designed in collaboration with Mojang, so they truly capture everything players love about the world of Minecraft in board form.

Both games will be released in November, though Minecraft: Village Heroes It will be exclusive to Target until January 2023. Minecraft: Portal Dash will retail for $39.99, while Minecraft: Village Heroes It will retail for $24.99.

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