New Life is Strange Game Possibly in Development


Life is Strange: True Colors Apparently, developer Deck Nine Games is hiring for a lead programmer position for “an unannounced AAA single-player adventure game.” The position requires experience with the Unreal engine and current-gen platforms, and the listing also refers to the project as the company’s “next narrative adventure game.” The job offer was reported by games very ali, and was apparently published on Paycom, but the position was filled or removed, so was unable to verify its authenticity. For now, fans of the series should take this rumor with a grain of salt!

Online job listings have become a great way for fans to learn about new games in development long before any official announcements are made. These often give fans a window into game development that might not otherwise be possible! In fact, earlier this week, a similar job listing hinted at the release of a console for valorant, which has yet to be announced by developer Riot Games. Of course, the downside of trying to get information from job listings is that these projects can take several years from release, and plans are constantly changing in the game industry, so they could be canceled before they’re even announced. .

by Square Enix Life is strange released in 2015 and developed by Dontnod Entertainment. 2021 Life is Strange: True Colors it was the first entry in the series to be developed by Deck Nine Games, and is the most recent all-new game in the franchise. Earlier this year, a collection with Life is strange Y Life is Strange: Before the Storm it was released on PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as PlayStation and Xbox platforms. That collection will have to satisfy fans until an actual new game is released, but it’s clear that the franchise means a lot to Square Enix. Given that, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new entry in the Life is Strange series sooner rather than later!

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