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    Updated August 25, 2023

    Added a new code!

    New Club Penguin is a spiritual successor of the discontinued Club Penguin Rewritten. And just like its predecessor, this is a multiplayer game where you’re a penguin hanging around in penguin resorts. You can customize your looks, for which you’ll need some coins. Don’t worry; you can also get some beautiful wearables for free!

    You can do it by redeeming New Club Penguin codes. These codes will get you some great-looking cosmetics for your penguin, Coins, and many freebies. Claim these rewards and enjoy creating a unique look for your penguin avatar.

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    All New Club Penguin Codes List

    New Club Penguin Codes (Working)

    • MUGSHOT—Redeem for Cool Background (New)
    • SMITHOFF—Redeem for Black and Gold Smithing Aprons
    • VALENTINE—Get Valentine Accessories
    • FREEHOOD—Get UK hoodie
    • ONLINESAFETY—Get Online Safety Sweater
    • TIMBO—Get Spanish Fifth Year Hat and 5,000 Coins

    New Club Penguin Codes (Expired)

    • 20KUSERS
    • 50KUSERS
    • 100KUSERS
    • DISCORD10K
    • PRIDE21
    • FESTIVE21
    • DISCORD50K

    New Club Penguin FAQ

    Here’s everything you need to know regarding New Club Penguin codes.

    How to redeem New Club Penguin Codes

    Redeeming codes in Club Penguin is a pretty simple process. Here’s a look at how to do it step-by-step.

    New Club Penguin Codes redeem guide
    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    1. After login, on the Suggested servers page, press Unlock Items button in the upper right corner.
    2. Press I’ve got a Code button.
    3. Copy one of our codes and paste it into the box.
    4. Press the Next button to claim your rewards.

    Why aren’t my New Club Penguin Codes working?

    The main reason New Club Penguin codes are not working is a typing error. Just copy the code from our active working list into the redeem text box to avoid this. Also, try to claim codes as soon as possible because the codes have expiration dates.

    What do New Club Penguin Codes do?

    The New Club Penguin codes let you customize your penguin by choosing diffrent kinds of jackets, hats, and other wearables. By redeeming codes, you’ll also get coins for buying a bunch of stuff in-game.

    What is New Club Penguin?

    New Club Penguin is an online multiplayer that lets you play as a penguin with other players. You can also play many mini-games solo or with other penguin-player. You can also dress your avatar in diffrent clothes, which you can buy for the in-game currency of getting it by redeeming codes.

    What happened to Club Penguin Rewritten?

    Club Penguin Rewritten was an unofficial successor of Disney’s Club Penguin game. The original version was discontinued in 2017 in favor of Club Penguin Island, which was canceled quickly. But because the game was very popular, there were unofficial games. Club Penguin Rewritten was the most popular of all unofficial successors of Disney’s Club Penguin. But because of legal issues, CPR was shut down in April 2022.

    Why is Club Penguin Rewritten now New Club Penguin?

    Well, technically Club Penguin Rewritten is gone and New Club Penguin is a completely new game. But from a gameplay standpoint, it’s pretty much the same game. That’s why we say that New Club Penguin game is a successor of Rewritten. To that point, New Club Penguin wanted to make it clear this was something completely new. So to avoid legal trouble, the game states that it has nothing with Disney-owned penguin property.

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