Netflix Games Studio Working On Big-Budget PC Game


After years of teasing, Netflix is ​​finally throwing its hat into the AAA gaming ring. The streaming giant has been buying up a lot of game studios and is slowly building its first big release which will be a AAA title for PC according to an open work application for a gamemaster. The job is for the Los Angeles wing of Netflix Game Studios, and given the amount of dollars Netflix can spend, it’ll likely be closer to AAAA if the streaming company gambles on its gaming division, which it appears to be doing. .

This is definitely a big step for Netflix, as Netflix Games offerings have previously been more of the mobile or streaming variety. Not insignificant, but not nearly as important as a AAA PC game that could be an FPS or a third-person shooter title, depending on what the job offer asks for. The game will also be designed to appeal to hundreds of millions around the world, which brings to mind games like valorant or other competitive shooters that Netflix has in its sights.

Could also be an “exciting” Third person action RPG, according to another listing, but the signs seem to be moving away from that for the big AAA project. The Los Angeles studio is run by former Overwatch boss Chacko Sonny, so right now most of the signs are in the FPS/third-person shooter direction. Perhaps Netflix is ​​currently developing two games at the same studio?

It definitely won’t be something like this.

Apparently, the big AAA game is aiming to be “one of Netflix’s first generation in-house developed original games”, which means that Netflix is ​​trying to become a big publisher like EA or other massive publishers. That makes sense given the incredible amount of money that services like Xbox Game Pass generate each year. Perhaps we’ll eventually see a Netflix Game Pass tied to a more premium version of your subscription? It would be an interesting attempt to corner two markets under the same umbrella, that’s for sure.

The prototype of the game will be made on Unreal Engine, which is not surprising given how popular it is. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to? After all, it’s not like Netflix wants to create niche titles. From what the announcements page says, Netflix wants to take a popular genre, put its own spin on it, invest hundreds of millions to polish it to a blinding shine, and add some live-service gaming elements to it. Easier said than done, but Netflix isn’t short of capital, so in theory it should be able to make an amazing game. We’ll see.

For more on Netflix’s foray into AAA gaming, keep an eye on My Full Games.


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