Naughty Dog sorting has reportedly put Last of Us multiplayer ‘on ice’


    Every dog ​​has its day, but for some it’s feared that a mischievous dog may have the best hand behind it. The iconic developer was once known for Crash Bandicoot, but has since carved out a very different legacy with Uncharted and The Last of U.

    Despite constant calls for The Last of Us 3, Naughty Dog head honcho, Neil Druckmann, refused to commit. At least we know that another title is coming in the form of a long-awaited multiplayer stand-alone, after 2022’s The Last of Us Part I reboot of the first game – if it ever gets released.

    Naughty Dog is the latest studio to suffer a delay.

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    In a week that hit Epic Games with more than 800 layoffs and also dealt a blow to Team 17’s Worms devs, the seemingly unstoppable power of Naughty Dog is the latest gaming giant to feel the pressure. As reported. Kotakuour ultimate guardian is cutting costs.

    As part of these measures, the site reported that dozens of contractors had their contracts terminated. sources”Familiar“With the situation claiming that the layoffs were reported by the Santa Monica studio last week.

    Everything from art to production has been affected, although quality assurance testing was apparently the most affected – at least 25 developers lost. Naughty Dog’s staff was reportedly at 400 in July, and while no full-time staff are thought to be affected by the reduction, it could have wider implications.

    The Last of Us Multiplayer Reportedly ‘On Ice’

    Looking at the bigger picture, the long-awaited The Last of Us multiplayer standalone is thought to be in the firing line. The game first released Factions as a multiplayer version, but many were confused as to why 2020’s The Last of Us Part 2 didn’t launch with one.

    Faction 2 has apparently evolved into its own beast, though that could all be up in the air. Kotaku says it’s heard the multiplayer is standalone “on ice“Which isn’t exactly a positive update. Apparently, there were resources.”TurnedThe title dropped in May after negative internal reviews.

    Bloomberg As I said before, how does development happen?slowed downOn multiplayer, this update is another nail in Cordyceps’ coffin. Despite the seemingly dire update, it’s important to note that The Last of Us multiplayer hasn’t been canceled entirely. We’ll be patiently waiting for the official word on Naughty Dog.


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