NADI Project – Picture Locations of Objects


    I’ve taken screenshots of the various locations of the items in case you’re having trouble finding them. This isn’t a walkthrough, it’s just to help you find the key items you need to complete the game. good luck.

    On the plane

    Take the water-soluble tablets.

    Combine them with the water in your inventory, then pour the mix into the glass.

    Then the crash.

    3 pieces of note

    Three pieces are required to combine and reveal a code to open the safe.

    The first can be the hardest thing to find in the game.

    Look for this large rock as you move along the coast to the right from the start.

    Go to the right of this large rock and you’ll see a gap in the rocks that leads to a barrel on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

    Above the barrel is the note.

    Note 2 is easy to find. Near the half-built house is an old truck. This note is on the front seat.

    The third is across the toilet (middle shelf) in an open closet inside the half-built house.

    Combine the three notes to reveal the code.

    Then drag the code from your inventory to open the safe (second floor of the half-built house), revealing the axe.

    Making a flashlight

    You will need to make a flashlight to get into the cave.

    You need four items to make a torch. Cloth, pitch, stick and fire.

    The cloth is found in the lighthouse, which is easily accessible by walking the path behind the half-built house. There are 3 bookshelves inside the lighthouse. Cloth is found in the middle bookcase. The empty shelf lay flat.

    The next thing that is needed is a stick. The first thing you need to do is open the safe and take the axe. Making a stick out of logs requires an axe. Logs must be dry. Dry logs are found here.

    Combine the stick and cloth then find the pitch. It is found in a half-built house, to the left of the front entrance.

    Dip the torch into the pitch. Then you will need to light it. Head over to the gas pipe and turn the valve if you haven’t already. Then light the torch with the fire coming from the leak.

    Your torch is ready for a cave adventure.

    Seven rubies to acquire his story

    “His Story” requires 7 Seven Ruby Pieces to unlock, the only unusable achievement in the game.

    Ruby 1

    This ruby ​​has to be picked up to enter the main story after the plane crash. The ruby ​​is found in front of six barrels.

    Ruby 2

    The second ruby ​​is found under the sign you’ll encounter as you leave the first area. To the left of this sign is the cave. Ruby is at the foot of the mark.

    Ruby 3

    The third Cerberus is found near the Electronic Building. To the left of the building behind the old fence.

    Ruby 4

    Pass the bridge on the left hand side behind the dead tree on the way to the lighthouse.

    Ruby 5

    Ruby is on the left side of the tower.

    Between the tower and the generator.

    Ruby 6

    On the second floor of the building on the edge of the balcony.

    Ruby 7

    You’ll need to craft your own flashlight, then find the USB drive in the cave. Then open the Cerberus Electronics Building and go to the room with the fuse. Ruby is on the floor in the middle of the room.

    Once you have all seven and enter the upper lighthouse you will be able to sit in the chest and get the storybook. Unlock the achievement.

    The fuse

    The fuse is found in Cerebus Electronics in the same room as the Ruby and Crowbar.

    And here it is kept in the same room.



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