My Singing Monsters Friend Codes (April 2023)



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    In My Singing Monsters, you control a private island where you can raise monsters. Here you are not a bad guy, since your main mission is to create creatures that will sing and allow you to compose entertaining melodies. You can visit other players’ islands by entering their friend codes to make things more fun. We have an ever-expanding list of My Singing Monsters friend codes so you can help each other out!

    My Singing Monsters Friend Codes

    Updated April 11, 2023

    Added a new friend!

    This is a list of My Singing Monsters friend codes. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to be added to the list. Please note that not all friend codes are supported. For example, you can’t add friend codes from mobile on the Steam version.

    • 1035604189DJ
    • 6649276JC
    • 1022717403DL
    • 85740213KD
    • 1022472231IJ
    • 1033577283EJ
    • 10349551151N
    • 1033638254CG
    • 10352052202BM
    • 1034278482EK
    • 91925553CD
    • 80383960JK
    • 1032923911GN
    • 1004395294JA
    • 73414520JC
    • 1014143513hn
    • 85750966DA
    • 1015601271HD
    • 1030372960ME
    • 1029387149KH
    • 1029267696KI
    • 100737079IB
    • 1026559685HJ
    • 1029699665ML
    • 4000959460CE
    • 85784509KD
    • 4000916958LM
    • 1026356016CA
    • 1018214490KK
    • 1014503739EJ
    • 1026769965NJ
    • 1029856948AE
    • 1018214490KK
    • 1020224021HN
    • 1028978430GC
    • 1023748510HE
    • 1022307975CF
    • 1029205614HM
    • 1022276530FI
    • 1026161471LD
    • 82912140EM
    • 1020224021HN
    • 1023907359HD
    • 1023323346DM
    • 1018545398BM

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    How to add a player as a friend in My Singing Monsters

    Follow these instructions to enter my singing monsters friend codes

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    1. Launch My Singing Monster on your device.
    2. Complete the walkthrough. The most important thing is that you need to update Castle.
    3. Click on the friends button at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Click on the invite friends button.
    5. Click on Add via Friend Code button.
    6. Enter the code in the friend code Text’s box.
    7. If you are on mobile, click the return button; If you’re on a desktop computer, tap enter button on the keyboard to confirm your friend code.

    Where to find my friend code in My Singing Monsters

    Here’s how to find your friend code in the game My Singing Monsters.

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    1. Launch My Singing Monsters on your device.
    2. Click on the options button at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Click on the support button at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Enter your BBB ID (friend code).
    5. Share your My Singing Monsters friend code via social media or send it to us, and we’ll add it to our list above.

    Where to find My Singing Monsters friend codes

    To quickly find My Singing Monsters friend codes, check this page often. We will expand the list of My Singing Monsters friend codes. You can also find new friends by visiting My Singing Monsters Reddit page. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the game even more.

    What are My Singing Monsters friend codes?

    During your game, you will have the opportunity to find friends in My Singing Monsters. Each player has a unique friend code (also called a BBB ID) that can be freely shared. My Singing Monsters friend codes are thus a way to find players to help each other, visit islands where Ghazt and other monsters breed, and most importantly, light each other’s Wishing Torches.

    When torches are lit, players’ chances of hacking rare monsters improve. You can pay two Diamonds to make the Torch active for 24 hours or pay 100 Diamonds to make it light up permanently. But why would you pay when your friends can do this for free? Any player visiting your island can light the torch, which is a common courtesy.

    For more information on My Singing Monsters, see How to Breed Single-Item Ethereals in My Singing Monsters in MyFullGames.



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