My Hero Ultra Rumble Tips and Tricks


    My Hero Ultra Rumble combines the story of the My Hero Academia anime and third-person hero shooter action. You’ll recognize some of the most popular characters if you’re a fan. But even if you’ve never seen this anime, you’ll enjoy the Battle Royale mayhem. But to be the last one standing, you will need My Hero Ultra Rumbe tips and tricks to help you improve your skills.

    My Hero Ultra Rumble Beginner’s Guide

    Focus on a character and their abilities.

    There are a lot of great characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble, but you should avoid the temptation to play as all of them. Instead, select a hero and focus on mastering his abilities. This is basically a hero shooter, so knowing how to maximize your character’s abilities is the best way to win matches.

    Stay close to your allies

    In basketball, there is the expression “ball hero,” which describes a player who tries to win the game by doing everything alone. While this can be fun at times, it will kill you quickly in most matches. In My Hero Ultra Rumble, you will fight in a team of three players against others, which means that most of the time you will fight against teams and not a lone fighter.

    If you’re playing with random players who aren’t very disciplined (which is usually the case), stay close to at least one of them, as you have a better chance of success if you’re not alone. Playing as a team gives you better options to create powerful synergies of different skills. Plus, defeating enemies, saving civilians, and collecting items is easier if someone is watching your back.

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    Learn the map and use its tactical advantages.

    Image via Bandai Namco

    Use map items in My Hero Ultimate Rumbe to maximize your chances. Learning how to use cover, the best places to ambush, where to retreat, etc. will take you far. This is especially important for characters that you must play a certain way to maximize their strengths.

    Focus on upgrades at the start of the My Hero Ultimate Rumble match

    While My Hero Ultimate Rumble characters have similar abilities to hero shooters like Overwatch 2, this is still a battle royale game. So instead of looking for enemies to kill, focus first on opening chests and upgrading your character’s skills. Upgrade your favorite skills to at least level 3 before facing enemies.

    Withdraw when necessary

    While My Hero Ultimate Rumble has characteristics of a shooter hero, being too brave can get you killed quickly. Therefore, don’t hesitate to run away and regroup when you see that you are losing ground. This way, you can heal yourself, improve your skills, and plan a more efficient attack strategy.

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