My Hero Ultra Rumble character tickets explained


    My Hero Ultra Rumble features a battle royale game between eight teams of three, fighting to be the last one standing. There are 18 playable characters my hero academia series, and the list is expected to grow with future updates. To begin with, some of the characters are locked, but there are a few ways to unlock them, one of which is by using character tickets.

    What are character tickets in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

    Character Tickets are an item in My Hero Ultra Rumble that allows you to unlock certain characters. When you start the game for the first time, you will receive a character ticket to use. Not all characters can be unlocked with character tickets. It is possible that with the release of new characters, character tickets can be used for more characters. These are the characters that can be unlocked with a Character Ticket from now on:

    • Tenya Iida
    • Kendo Itsuka
    • Denki Kaminari
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    How to get character tickets in My Hero Ultra Rumble

    Aside from the character ticket you receive when you first start the game, it appears that character tickets are only available in the store. You’ll get a small discount on the first pair of character tickets you purchase.

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    The first character ticket purchased will cost 100 Hero Souls, the second will cost 200 Hero Souls, and any purchased afterward will cost 300 Hero Souls.

    Hero souls can be obtained by obtaining duplicate items in rolls. Scrolls can be purchased using Hero Crystals or Gold, which is earned by playing matches and leveling up.

    For more information on My Hero Ultra Rumble, check out the list of My Hero Ultra Rumble: New and Upcoming Characters here at Pro Gaming Guides.


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