MW3 features skins, guns, killstreaks, master camos.


    It’s official, the era of Modern Warfare 3 is here. As we look back on MW2, the trilogy’s multiplayer trailer has now aired, bringing to life all the previous leaks, rumors and prior revelations.

    But underneath all the bullets and nostalgia, there was a lot of new information on display, and we’re here to dissect it all.

    Modern Warfare 3 trailer reveals new multiplayer experience

    Between going to Eminem and seeing the chaos, fans are eager to see how the multiplayer will change from last year’s very sad and touchy feel.

    Unfortunately for those looking to watch the gameplay, only two seconds of gun-on-gun action was shown. Here, a Captain Price operator pulls his 1x scope from the slide-cancel position, which appears to be a faster motion than in the past.

    Despite the lack of actual gameplay, there was a lot more to see, if you chose to look closely enough…

    Modern Warfare 3 reintroduced EMP and Hunter drone kills

    Click to enlarge.

    One of the most obvious tokens that the trailer focuses on is kill streaks. You can see multiple returning explosive devices, such as Bomb Drones and Hunter Drones – the latter of which will be re-named but looks just as deadly.

    Another lethality on show is the EMP, which takes on its biggest and best form, shutting down all electronics in the area and blasting the helicopter out of the sky.

    Modern Warfare 3’s Master Camo was shown in the cinematic trailer.

    Eagle-eyed fans also spotted a Modern Warfare 3 master camo in action. While there was also a diamond-sparkled price skin that confused Mil Sim fans, the diamond camo on display grabbed everyone’s attention.

    The MW3 diamond camo is very similar to the one seen in Black Ops 2, where it takes on a studded effect but with a shimmering silver look.

    The first Modern Warfare 3 skins have been showcased.

    Click to enlarge.

    Finally, a range of skins were also observed. Aside from the diamond-encrusted stud, there looked pretty cool. One in particular appears to be another ghostly costume, blessed with a gold-plated skeletal jaw.

    The midnight black and emerald green night vision suits were also here in all their glory along with some water combat and gas mask suits. For the most part, it was straight cinematic, with all the action leading up to CoD Next on. October 5 And the next day Modern Warfare 3 beta.


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