MW3 devs confirm 12 new multiplayer maps are coming



    One of the most exciting aspects of Modern Warfare 3 is the return of the 16 MW2 (2009) maps that are being fully remastered for the new title.

    With iconic locations like Terminal, Highrise, Skidrow, and Estate all coming back, it’s going to be a huge nostalgia hit for the community.

    Of course, not everyone is celebrating their return, with some players disappointed that Sledgehammer hasn’t designed any new maps for the MW3. 

    Well, while fans will have to settle for MW2 (2009) areas at release, it’s been confirmed that 12 new core maps are coming post-launch.

    12 new maps coming to Modern Warfare 3 post-launch

    As showcased by the popular Call of Duty Twitter account CharlieINTEL, the MW3 devs do have new maps in the pipeline as well as the 16 remastered locations from MW2 (2009).

    According to the blog post, “12 all-new 6v6 core maps will fuel post-launch live seasons,” meaning there’s plenty of content to look forward to following the game’s release on November 10.

    The “all-new” tag makes it clear these will not be recycled maps from other titles, which is great news for those who aren’t overly excited to revisit Terminal and Highrise once again.

    Also, it’s worth noting that the devs have made clear these 12 maps are going to fuel multiple “seasons,” so don’t expect all of them to be added at once.

    How long after MW3’s release will the new maps arrive?

    MW3 MAPS

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    It’s impossible to pinpoint when the first of these 12 new multiplayer maps will be released after MW3’s launch.

    However, a safe bet would be around a month after the game’s launch for the first major content patch. This would be refreshing for the playerbase who already know the MW2 (2009) maps inside out ahead of November 10.

    Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what these new locations have to offer, and whether they can rival the classic remastered maps.



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