MW2 swoon over ‘late’ reactive rewards for Ranked play



    Modern Warfare 2 Ranked play died a quite painful death after once being dubbed as the best competitive game mode that Call of Duty has ever produced, but was left to rot.

    The Ranked experience was initially praised for having many incentives to play, including better Operator skins where you can flex your skill level in all lobbies. 

    But since Season 1, nothing else has been added, until now. Season 5 is bringing new rewards to Ranked for both MW2 and Warzone, but while the reactive skins are great, players wish they came earlier.

    MW2 Season 5 adds reactive camos for Ranked rewards

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    After five seasons of mediocrity, Infinity Ward is finally upping the ante for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Ranked players, offering out some much finer prizes for achieving certain ranks.

    Instead of Operator skins, the rewards for Season 5 will see division-based Weapon Camos be dished out, sporting the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crimson, and iridescent palettes of the respective divisions.

    But the most luxurious skin comes for Warzone and MW2 players who hit the Top 250 in their leaderboards, as they will be rewarded with a reactive camo, which we all know is the most desired of the weapon designs.

    “That’s pretty cool. I like that. Treyarch always had a better understanding of the community,” said one fan on Twitter, while many others also praised the designs.

    Modern Warfare 2 fans wish Ranked rewards came sooner


    For most players, despite the pull that skins and camos will transfer over to Modern Warfare 3, this new incentive has come far too late in the CoD cycle to renew a serious investment of time into Modern Warfare 2.

    “The fact it took 9 months for them to decide to do this is wild to me,” another fan said on Twitter. It’s still a nice token for MW2 players, and now might be the best time to start getting into Warzone Ranked in order to up your weapon camo game.



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