MW2 players slam cheater-filled Ranked


    If you’re looking for the highest level of competition in Modern Warfare 2, Ranked Play is the perfect mode. It pits players of similar skill against each other and raises the stakes.

    The ability to climb the ranks and earn unique rewards may be exciting, but it also draws in bad actors who have no interest in playing by the rules.

    Hackers using third-party software has completely ruin the Ranked experience, and according to fans, they’re becoming more and more prevalent. Despite RICOCHET doing its best to keep the mode fair, MW2 players claim Ranked is “full of cheaters.” Worryingly, it feels like it’s getting worse.

    MW2 players claim Ranked is “full of cheaters”

    Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user Jesus-__- showcased a video of their Ranked match that was being completely ruined by cheaters.

    In the clip, the hacker doesn’t even attempt to go under the radar, with the third-party software locking onto foes instantly and shooting into walls randomly.

    According to Jesus-__- Ranked is now “full of cheaters,” which is undermining the competitive integrity of the popular mode, meaning it feels like the outcome of a match is out of your hands.

    Users in the thread agree, with one player claiming, “It’s been stacked with cheaters ever since the end of season 2.” Another even went as far as saying the “amount of cheating in every match is aggravating to the point that I’m willing to abandon the game entirely.”

    Will the devs improve the MW2 RICOCHET anti-cheat?

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    At the end of June, Activision released a blog detailing improvements to the RICOCHET anti-cheat, which included hallucinations to trick cheaters.

    Unfortunately, it’s clear this hasn’t been enough to eradicate the problem and keep everyone in Ranked on a level playing field.

    As of yet, there have been announcements about more significant improvements to RICOCHET, but we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that the devs have something planned for Season 5.


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