MW2 hackers have brought back jetpacks in the latest cheat craze



    The Jetpack era of Call of Duty wasn’t for everyone, and despite some fans calling for its return after five years of boots-on-the-ground action, it seems like people are taking matters into their own hands.

    Amid a hacker takeover, Modern Warfare 2 has been a less-than-enjoyable experience, especially in Ranked where the cheaters are booting players from lobbies to get their way to the Top 250 for the new rewards.

    Now though, they’re getting inventive, and hackers are deploying jetpacks to Modern Warfare 2 to kill players from the sky.

    MW2 brings back jetpacks in Havoc LTM



    There’s no smoke without fire, and the arrival of jetpack cheats actually comes with the arrival of normal ‘jetpacks’ into Modern Warfare 2.

    As part of the Havoc LTM, players can accrue a jetpack-esque buff from playing the game mode, randomly allowing players to defy gravity, and even return to the ground with a mighty slam.

    It comes in the wake of Warzone’s The Boys superpowers crossover but is a separate mode not linked to the collab, despite its similarities with the huge leap that ‘Suped Up offered.

    But that doesn’t mean that hackers can’t tinker with them…

    Modern Warfare 2 hackers have completely broken jetpack arrival


    After the infiltration of many hacks into Modern Warfare 2, players are now taking to Ranked to fly into the sky and rain bullets down on enemies.

    As seen on Twitter, the hackers have found a way to eject themselves into the sky and shoot down from the heavens, maintaining accuracy and causing havoc for anyone left out in the open.

    It’s not known if the hacks are linked to the Havoc game mode, given that the LTM isn’t related to Ranked, but it’s quite a coincidence that this happens on the same day that the ability-based mode came into play.



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