MW2 fans say that the ‘vast’ Lilith skin guarantees you ‘beam’ in the game.


    When it rains, it rains for Call of Duty co-op, but while the DOOM weapon bundles have been praised, the upcoming Diablo crossover isn’t making as much of an impact.

    Along with Diablo’s deadly and lethal Reapers of Heaven and Hell, both Lilith and Inarius set out to make Gulag their own version of Limbo, before deciding which path to the afterlife their enemies will take. It should be noted, from the first look at their skins, there was no terrible grave. Digging the I’m-a-celebrity-get-me-f-out-of-here effect that Activision might have hoped for.

    Instead of shivering in enemies’ boots, Lilith’s skin is actually being pushed onto enemies by players in hopes that the “broad” operator will be easier target practice.

    Call of Duty x Diablo Lilith’s skin is being put to shame.

    Well, not at all.

    But poor old Lilith, supposed to be some master of death to be feared, is being mocked, for her wings have contributed a little to her funk.

    As leaked Diablo skins surfaced on social media, many players noticed that Lilith’s wings appeared large, and could cause quite a bit of trouble compared to other operators in the game.

    Damn they are wide” said one fan, adding to concerns that her wingspan meant she would be more visible, and less actionable, than other characters.

    The same goes for the Inarius, as the angelic yet shadowy profit is padded with large shoulder pads that can also extend around corners and ballistic core.

    Call of Duty fans dread the vast Lilith pay-to-loose.

    Click to enlarge.

    Fans have become increasingly fearful that these massive bodies will actually turn out to be a loss. Even if they work with standard hitboxes and the wings can’t be shot to damage, they’ll be useful enough for players who don’t want to see either multiplayer search and destroy. In games or in Warzone and Circles.

    You will be able to see these wings in the corners so easily.” one fan said on Twitter.

    Another added,Dope looking skins, but they’re gonna beam you into the game.

    It’s a shame because the skins look very impressive, but if they come at the cost of good performance and stealth, it could be a straightforward one for Diablo.


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