Finn is a beloved character in MultiVersus who retains all the allure and optimistic angle he had in Adventure Time and brings it onto the combating game stage. He is a menace on the battlefield with a number of cost assaults that may deal large injury. He additionally has velocity and armor buffs that may be frequently upgraded.  

This information will permit gamers to profit from Finn’s specials and assaults in order that gamers can get the higher hand with this pleasant character. 

Moves And What They Do

So that gamers can grasp Finn, gamers have to take a deep look into his transfer listing which is introduced as follows with suggestions added for every of the strikes:



High Five, Dude! (Neutral Special)

  • Finn expenses a excessive 5 assault that may replicate sure projectiles. 
  • In a staff, if Finn expenses a excessive 5 and excessive fives his teammate then it releases a blast projectile round himself.
  • In the air, it’s the identical however he bounces again from an opponent.
  • This is just not the most effective transfer because it takes a bit to begin working

Get Skronked! (Side Ground Special)

  • Finn rushes at an enemy blocking projectiles.
  • If this assault hits he can do it once more.
  • If Finn dropped a Gem he’ll teleport in the direction of it.
  • This transfer not often if ever kills opponents. 
  • This transfer is a good combo starter as Finn can do a transfer proper after if it lands.
    • Be cautious as a result of if it doesn’t land this transfer it takes a short time for Finn to get transferring once more.

Mathematical Air Dash! (Side Air Special)

  • This transfer does a dashing sword swing.
  • If Finn dashes towards a fighter he’ll be capable to transfer farther and do extra injury
  • The transfer has a candy spot on the finish of it
  • If Finn drops a Gem he’ll teleport to its place earlier than the assault.
  • On its personal, this transfer is not the most effective, however with the Gem teleport, it may be extraordinarily helpful.

Backpack Attack! (Up Ground Special)

  • Finn spins his backpack which retains hitting enemies caught in it.
  • This transfer can kill enemies on the bottom if they’re hit at a excessive proportion.
  • Players ought to consider this transfer has a vacuum impact so enemies might be hit even when Finn is wanting away.

Soaring Backpack Attack! (Up Air Special)

  • The identical as the bottom particular, however he shoots upward through the assault.
  • This is one among if not the most helpful transfer in Finn’s equipment because it has a excessive kill potential.
  • When gamers are utilizing air combos they’ll need to end with this transfer.

Sweet Deals! (Down Ground Special)

  • Finn retailers for items utilizing his Coin. 
  • He should purchase stacks of Hasten which improve his velocity 
  • He should purchase a stack of Booty which provides him Armor and a projectile defend when assaults are charged.
  • Finn should purchase BMO which does a High Damage BMO chop assault that must be exactly timed.
    • This assault can kill early however is ineffective in most fights.

Throwin’ Stones (Down Air Special)

  • If Finn has Coin he’ll throw a Gem Item ahead. 
  • With the Gem Item, Finn can teleport to it together with his aspect air particular or aspect floor particular
  • If Finn has no Coin then he’ll throw an apple merchandise that does minor injury to enemies.


Chop! (Neutral Ground Attack)

  • A charged sword that chops ahead.
  • This assault is very not often used because it doesn’t do a lot compared to his different assaults.

Slam-Bam-In-A-Can! (Neutral Air Attack)

  • A kick that breaks Armor.
  • Finn will sprint behind enemies that he kicks.
  • The sprint has a cooldown.
  • The sprint additionally makes it in order that Finn can immediately combo into one other transfer.

The Sword Stuff (Side Ground Attack)

  • A stab that may be charged and combos right into a sequence of swipes.
  • This ahead jab does wonders with regards to with the ability to be adopted up by different assaults.
  • Unlike some characters, Finn can kill with this transfer.

Flying Sword Moves! (Side Air Attack)

  • A combo of two ahead slashes.
  • The second assault might be charged.
  • This is one among Finn’s greatest strikes to make use of to method enemies with.
  • The cost assault has the potential to kill.

Slasher (Up Ground Attack)

  • This assault expenses an upward slash that additionally launches Finn with it.
  • The extra charged this assault is the larger Finn jumps.
  • This is nice for following up with enemies at a decrease well being proportion and when blended together with his up particular might be devastating.
  • If an enemy is at a excessive well being proportion, this can land a kill

Sky Punch (Up Air Attack)

  • An upward punch.
  • This is without doubt one of the greatest air strikes to combo into the up particular with to get a kill.
  • This transfer can be nice for air juggling opponents.

Low Blow, Bro! (Down Ground Attack)

  • A plunging stab downward that breaks Armor. 
  • The transfer releases a projectile that hits a number of occasions if charged all the best way.
  • The transfer spikes downward which is beneficial as it may be used to edge guard.
    • This might be very troublesome so gamers may need to attempt to follow it a bit.

Ground Chop! (Down Air Attack)

  • A downward chop.
  • This transfer might be tremendous useful for edge guarding. 
  • If an enemy is at excessive well being proportion this transfer has nice kill potential.
  • If an enemy tries to ledge guard Finn this hits above Finn and might negate an enemy’s spike.
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Here are some further suggestions to bear in mind when taking part in Finn:

  1. Most of Finn’s assaults apart from his ground-neutral particular solely achieve energy if Finn is charging whereas transferring. 
  2. Any time Finn hits his enemies they’ll drop coin that boosts his specials. The coin can be used to purchase objects.
  3. Players have to needless to say as a result of Finn is a sword character he has some good vary so spacing ought to all the time be stored in thoughts.
  4. Take benefit of shopping for haste as quickly as doable.
  5. Finn is an Assassin so he can kill early but in addition die early on. 
  6. Finn is primarily an aerial killer, so whereas gamers can begin their combo off the bottom they need to get enemies within the air as quickly as they will.
  7. If an enemy is at low well being, gamers need to enter most fights with a aspect leap assault after which combo gamers utilizing aerial assaults as they will all combo properly collectively.

Finn Combos

These Finn combos give gamers an higher hand when taking part in Finn and permit them to win extra matches:

  • Air Juggle combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Up-Normal, Air Up-Special
  • Knockback combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Air Neutral-Normal, Side-Normal
  • Air Knockback combo: Up-Normal, Jump, Air Side-Normal, Air Side-Special
  • High Damage ring-out combo: Jump, Air Side-Normal, Side-Normal, Down-Normal
  • Air ring-out combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Air Side-Normal, Air Up-Special, Air Side-Normal, Air Up-Special


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