Mr. Best’s latest video has done a lot of damage.


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    You’d think Mr. Best’s main channel videos would be raking in the big bucks.

    The philanthropist and YouTube superstar has long been producing some of the most outlandish and bonkers videos on the internet, from his famous squid game video to his hide-and-seek adventures across the United States, fans of his weird And the poor are following the movements. Josh you’d think he’d at least be making a profit from his biggest events.

    But he has revealed that this speculation could not be further from the truth.

    Mr Best revealed the huge losses on his main channel.

    Mr. Best has started offering his Twitter subscribers insight into his channels stats, and he recently revealed that his most recent video didn’t quite match his budget.

    The budget for the latest video was $3 million (a huge amount for a YouTube video financing, but when it comes to Mr. Best, it’s par for the course) and Moaz shared a look at his YouTube analytics. New Look shows that the new video only made $167,000 of it in its first week.

    That’s a silly amount, of course, but it’s a substantial drop in cost versus profit when compared. Who knew this was actually possible for Mr. Best? Lost Money?

    How does Mr. Best make his money?

    This revelation has left many fans confused – how, then, does Mr. Best finance his videos? Well, it looks like Mr. Best’s brand itself is profitable overall, as he’s gone on record as saying that his other channels, Festables and other side hustles, have beaten the crappy, big main channel every time. Helped fund the videos.

    It’s really wild that Mr. Best can maintain these high stakes when it comes to his main channel, but he’s so incredibly popular away from his main channel that he might somehow make it work. . We can’t relate.


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