Mortal Online 2 Advanced Combat Turorial for Swords And Spears

This is the basic Combat Tutorial. Which settings you should adjust and how to practive Muscle Memory.

Note: Hitting the ground not get you a Combo anymore ! This have been fixed. People won´t spin arround much in duels anymore.

Sv added a new mechanic that make this unnecessary. You cna now feint Reposts after a parry ! I recommend everyone to watch this Video.

These Feints after a Repost are not easy to do. If you do them too slow and cancel the first attack too late, you will deal nearly no damage. Only use them if you can do them consistant. This take some practice, but I love this new mechanic. That brings a lot more depth to the combat system. Now you don´t need to spin arround anymore

360 degrees in Duels !

The Spins were used, becuase there was no alternative mechanics which we now finally have !

Good Job Starvault.

In the upcoming days i will release frame data and do deep ingame Testing with Australian and US players. I ask the guy who made the framedata Video. I already tested it against US Players. Further Tests will follow. All experienced Players,

that I know block pretty much all of my attacks.

This technique is very situation-related. You can´t do these moves if the player is moving. These are used when a player has little HP and is in turtle mode. That means that he stand still and tries to block the hits, if he is low HP. It not shorten the animation. The timeframe of the attack, if you click left mouse to make a repost after a parry is the same as for a repost after a feinted attack, so you have the same time to react, but you might block in the wrong direction and have to switch your block stance. Because of this, the response time is not reduced but you you need switch the block stance more often.

In addition, these feints are very difficult to do. The frame window is so small that only the best players can carry out these attacks and they are not always consistent. If you fail, you wased all the damage of the repost after the Parry.

I personally love it, because we need skillbased ways to get around the parry.

It is a Duel Mechanic that won´t be used in Team fights. The enemies in Team fights try to go back when they are half HP and constantly move. It’s hard to do such moves, if the enemies are running.

In Team fights it is more likely that two players charge an attack from different directions and release it at the same time, so that the opponent cannot block both attacks.

As far as I understand there will be ping normalization right ? At least from what i got told. This means that a player who lives right next to the server will have an artificially increased ping of one hundred. Then the difference between the US players is hardly noticeable.

US players have a ping of 150. If Europeans have a ping of 100, the shorter reaction time is only 0.1 seconds. 0.05 seconds to send the data to the server and 0.05 seconds to send it back. In addition, we will be able to assign all block directions to different bottoms in the future. Henrick has already confirmed that. This increases the time to react to an attack.

These Feints have already been used as openers before the Patch and tested by me and many other Players. E.g. the aborted trust attack when looking up, which is converted into a rigth Swing, which you can see at min 0.31 in the Video. It was used as an opener. A low damaging hit, that could be converted in a combo if it hits, which only have to be charged for 1 Second, instead of 2,5 Seconds. A lot of US Players have blocked this attack.

I’ve used this opener very often over the months.

I will contact Snasen for some tests. The Guy that made that Video.

Now to Spears

Here a Video and a screenshot for new Players that help them to read the Spear animation, becuase new Players somethimes have propblems to see if somene attacks mid or from the right side.

As you can see in the screenshot, the player holds the spear further in the air during the right attack

and the forearm is bent back. The secret behind spears is to attack from the right angle, so that the player cannot see the back arm, which is much farther away from the body dring a right attack. You want to use the compass to keep the proper angle.

During the right attack you have to aim a little down so that the spear always keeps the same height during your middle and right attacks.

Mortal Online 2 Advanced Combat Turorial for Swords And Spears


With the new mechanics (mentioned in the first Post) you won´t not see much Players spinning arround in Duels anymore, as you see me training this method against a spear fighter and overusing it to get a feeling for it.

Spear mid-right Attack Animation

Basic Combat Tutorial

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Mortal Online 2 Advanced Combat Turorial for Swords And Spears that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank BromBeerBaBak [GER]. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.