Modern Warfare 3 is killing off three major characters



    The Modern Warfare sub-franchise within Call of Duty has birthed some iconic characters, most of which have been through thick and thin together and still all fight on the same side. 

    The rebooted series saw all of Task Force 141 reunited, with Price at the helm, Ghost and Soap in the ranks, and now new members like Alex, Farah, and Alejandro all joining in.

    But with so many characters alive and well in Modern Warfare 3, unlike the previous MW iterations, there’s bound to be some painstaking deaths. Now, three huge fatalities are reportedly coming our way.

    MW3 Actor claims there will be three ‘big’ deaths

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    All of the characters have outlasted the threats in MW 2019 and MW2, even Alex who lost a leg. It’s unlike in the first series, where both Ghost and Roach perished in a blazing betrayal by General Shepherd.

    But heading into the third game in the reboot, the actor behind Kyle “Gaz” Garrick has confirmed that there will be three deaths of characters in the upcoming game.

    Elliot Knight took to the comments section on a TikTok upload to say, “Let me tell you something, 2 sad deaths and 1 good death.”

    Which Call of Duty characters will die in Modern Warfare 3?


    Many fans have already speculated that one of these deaths will be Captian Price, whose omnipotent status in Call of Duty could be about to end, as he becomes a martyr for the series and passes the TF141 torch to Ghost.

    Price’s death could also mean that either Graves or Makarov die in the same fate too, presumably the latter, as Price will likely not go down without taking someone else with him (likely to be the “good death” prophecised by Knight).

    The last death, a sad one, would presumably pass over the likes of Ghost, Alejandro, and Soap, given their possibilities in the future of Modern Warfare, leaving some minor faces like Alex, Farah, Nikolaj, and even Gaz himself as vulnerable.

    However, don’t count out some kind of Game of Thrones death for your favourite character, after all, we’re all still hurting from Ghost’s (original) death 14 years ago.



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