Modern Warfare 2’s new Halloween finishers are surprisingly brutal.


    Finishing Moves have become a fan-favorite flex in Call of Duty since their addition in 2019, with fast-paced, punishing cutscene kills known for their notorious nature and difficult skill level to perform.

    Over the years, Activision has introduced some wild variations of these moves, such as a King Kong-special that launches desecrated corpses of enemies across the map, and more are on the way.

    Now, along with the Halloween theme of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 6, Call of Duty has introduced some truly terrifying finishing moves and fans are clamoring for it. suddenly top them up.

    MW2 Season 6 adds a bundle of Halloween finishing moves.

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    With the Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 Battlepass already being hailed as one of the best we’ve had, fans are now down to grinding tires to unlock finishing moves.

    Staying on trend, there are three Finishers to unlock in the Battlepass, and they all come with a Halloween-themed helping hand and use a lot of blood and gore.

    Immediately, fans agreed that these literally gut-wrenching acts lived up to the high standards set in Season 6, with one fan echoing the majority’s sentiments by saying, “They’re so cool. are.”

    Another fan said, “These look outrageous, and definitely different from the more standard ones we have.”

    Call of Duty added a Stranger Things takedown move and fans love it.

    One of the finishers even drops you into Stranger Things’ Vecna, where you prop your enemy up in the air and rip off their limbs one by one, as the troubled ‘One’ did to our resident Blue. How did Phil dispose of it?

    “God that witch is taking people upstairs,” joked one fan.

    This finisher was first created by fans in the original Warzone title, but has since been added to the sequel and Modern Warfare 2 in the form of a Halloween hack job.

    A series of rough-and-tumble finishing moves are now in season 6, where you’ll either be running at your enemy’s heels or sent to the gulag with a plethora of shins.


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