Mobile Legends tier list of each character [May 2024]


    Updated on June 13, 2024.Version: – Latest – Helcurt Revamp

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an amazing MOBA for mobile, comparable to some of the biggest names out there, like League of Legends: Wild Rift. Likewise, Mobile Legends has tons of characters, each with a unique skill set to take on the battlefield, and we’ve decided to make these tiers to help you choose the best character. List the There are snipers, supports, tanks, mages, and a few other classes that you can choose to play depending on what your team needs.

    Since this is a MOBA, I assume you already know the basics: to take down enemy towers one by one, to gain territory on your opponent, and to infiltrate their base and Try to defeat their crystal (base). Often you won’t be able to do it by yourself and will have to rely on your team to win the game. After all, this Is A team sport!

    How did we build our Mobile Legends Tier List?

    This Mobile Legends Tier List are divided by classes, so choose heroes according to the role you want to play. Additionally, keep in mind that every team should have at least one engage (which is usually a tank), support (which is often a healer), and damage dealer (which deals magic damage and physical harm must be both).

    If a team fulfills all these roles, it will have a higher chance of winning games. The rationale behind diversification is due to a number of reasons. First of all, if a team only builds/supports tanks they won’t be at a disadvantage in sieges and knocking down enemies. Secondly, if a team only builds damage dealers, it’s likely that they’ll die fairly quickly and won’t be able to get much out of damage. So, the best you can do is have a little bit of everything!

    So, it’s time to check out the list of Mobile Legends tiers and choose one of them. The best hero For the character you decide to play!


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