Mobile Legends Adventure Codes (July 2023)


    Mobile Legends: Adventure is a fun idle game where I can let my minions do the work for me, while I reap the rewards! Based on the popular MOBA Mobile Legends, this adventure game allowed me to explore the vast world of Dawn. Going through stages, I unlocked many exciting and overpowered heroes, which kept my progression smooth as I blasted through hordes of enemies. If by any chance I was stopped by demonic entities, I simply upgraded my heroes using in-game resources and continued moving forward at full speed. Idling has never been so much fun!

    The codes for Mobile Legends: Adventure provided me with Adventurer EXP, Hero Experience, Battle Points, Diamonds, Advance Essence, and many other in-game resources, which were very beneficial as I progressed through the more difficult stages of the game. These rewards will benefit new players, giving them an advantage when starting the game. For more titles like this, check out Idle Hero Codes.

    All Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes

    Updated July 14, 2023

    Added a new code!

    Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes (Working)

    Mobile Legends: All Adventure Codes have a maximum redemption usage number.

    • 5PNU6H—Redeem for diamonds and rewards (New)
    • 7YEKK3—Redeem for diamonds and rewards (New)
    • MA7TT82229X—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • NEWERA8888—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • PX5AW52229Y—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • YG7ZZZ—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • 6DDZTC—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • NEWERA8888—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • NEWERA0519—Redeem for x500 Diamonds and x1000 Star Sign

    Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes (Expired)

    • JCCFR7—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • NSZTTX—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • W3P758—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • TLPRAH—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • GGYTYE—Redeem for diamonds and rewards
    • BUDP4A2229D—Redeem for 1k Diamonds, 500 Advance Essence and 10 Premium Scrolls
    • VQGDWP2229E—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
    • CK3VEF2228D—Redeem for 1k Diamonds and 20 Scrolls
    • KQY7LX—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
    • KP38NH2228F—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
    • RJYCD3—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
    • NEWERA0429—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
    • CUNZJZ22274—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • TNEEY822275—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 8TKYE8—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • CARNIVAL—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 6OQGJ7—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 8TKYE8—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • TNEEY822275—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MBZHQ5—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • HJPHU222277—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • TNEEY822275—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • CUNZJZ22274—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • SZYP34—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • DPW4TB—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • KB7LF7—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • TBBVUA—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • christmasfun689—Redeem for in-game rewards (some report it works for them like xmasfun689)
    • CGUNBA22264—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • BFU77C22263—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 5TS2JD22262—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • DKMEQF2225W—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAXMPL—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAISLIT—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAISFUEGO—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 888888—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 888888—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 5WYYQZ—Third Bubble Spell—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • SUMMER777—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • XSGXZJ—Second bubble spell—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • HOTMLA—First Bubble Spell—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • U6PTKZ2224V—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • R3Z428— Mirage 4th Chest Code: Redeem for 500 Diamonds and 3 Summon Tickets
    • 00NATAN00—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
    • AKAKURO77—Redeem for 777 Diamonds, 2 Support Tickets and 7777 Coins
    • MLAFBFAN—Redeem for 1000 Diamonds
    • VMNFZA22248—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
    • MLAIG500K —Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAXMPL—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 888888—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLA1YEAR—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAFBGO—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAISFUEGO—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAISLIT—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLMLA0908—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • AU5ZWR2223J—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • HV4K4V2223K—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAXMAS—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • HVXFZM2223Q—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MADISCORD—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAREDDIT—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 8G763N22239—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • SUKNBJ2223M—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAHPBD1—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • T6J3GG2223R—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • EV4UTW2223U—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • HVXFZM2223Q—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • 47BWK42223S—Redeem for in-game rewards
    • MLAIG500K—Redeem for in-game rewards

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    How To Redeem Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes

    To redeem the codes Mobile Legends: Adventurefollow the steps below:

    Image from MyFullGames
    • Launch Mobile Legends: Adventure on your device.
    • Once in the main menu, tap events.
    • Tap on Warning in the bottom left menu bar.
    • Tap on Redeem CD KEY.
    • Enter the key in the text field.
    • Tap Confirm to redeem the code.

    How to get more Mobile Legends: Adventure codes: Discord and Twitter

    Mobile Legends: Adventure developer Moonton offers its players a couple of options to follow in order to get new game updates and the codes they drop. His official Twitter @MobileLegendsAD rarely updated, but the Mobile Legends Discord Server is a wonderful source for the latest codes, specifically the #active-cd-keys channel!

    It’s always a good idea to bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D. That way, you’ll always stay up to date no matter where the latest codes appear because we at MyFullGames always update our code articles regularly.

    Why aren’t my Mobile Legends: Adventure codes working?

    There could be a couple of reasons why your Mobile Legends: Adventure codes might not work. The codes could be expired. Game developers often release their codes during particular events like vacations or when they reach a milestone with their game. Such codes are usually set to last for several days, so they have a limited lifespan. Always make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible and never miss out on any freebies again!

    Codes may be missing punctuation or misspelled. Sometimes developers also make codes case sensitive. The best way to always enter the codes correctly is to copy them from the list on the MyFullGames website and paste them directly into the game. Doing so will ensure that you always enter codes without errors, saving you time and frustration!

    Other ways to get free rewards in Mobile Legends: Adventure

    For more free rewards in Mobile Legends: Adventure, be sure to claim campaign goals and upgrade Idle Rewards levels as you progress through the campaign. Each upgrade will grant you additional Diamonds, and you can upgrade your level every five stages you complete. Your idle chest will also accumulate rewards upon completion of stages, so don’t forget to claim those rewards.

    What is Mobile Legends: Adventure?

    Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle RPG game based on the famous MOBA Mobile Legends. In this game, players will be able to explore the Land of Dawn, taking part in many adventures while fighting through step-by-step progressions. They will also be able to draw in new heroes in a gacha-like draw system and equip them as they progress through the game, unlocking new weapons and equipment.

    Be sure to check out our other lists of codes for popular mobile games like NBA 2K23, Coin Master, and King of Avalon!


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