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    Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy game set in the lush and colorful world of Minecraft. In this game, you get to defend the Overworld from the Piglin invasion as the newly anointed Hero of the Realm. However, you’ll need the help of your allies to thwart the plans of Piglin’s nefarious generals, and to that end, you’ll be able to harness the power of the mighty First Golem. In this guide, we will explain where to find and use them.

    How to find and use the First Golems in Minecraft Legends

    To find the first golems in Minecraft Legends, you need to search Overworld for the unique tar pit pools they are found in. The game procedurally generates each campaign map, so there will be no fixed locations where you can find them. There are four first golems, and each of them is native to a specific biome. Your best bet is to track down particular biomes while searching for the specific Prime Golem.

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    First of Stone Golem in Minecraft Legends

    • awakening cost: 500 Stone, 100 Gold

    The First Stone in Minecraft Legends is located in the Meadow biomes. They are large, hulking siege engines that specialize in dealing with Piglin structures by hurling large rocks at them. This ability makes them perfect for taking down defensive towers while your base troops deal with their foot soldiers.

    Diorite Primer in Minecraft Legends

    • awakening cost: 125 Coal, 100 Gold

    You can locate the Diorite Primer in Minecraft Legends in the Jagged Peaks biomes. This First Golem is a mobile mob factory, making it perfect for sustained attacks. Best kept further back during combat, the First of Diorite is great for keeping the pressure on an enemy base or placing it next to some watchtowers as a mobile defense when a friendly village is under attack. Don’t leave it unprotected because enemies will overrun it quickly.

    First of Brick in Minecraft Legends

    • awakening cost: 125 Iron, 100 Gold

    First Of Brick is in the Badlands biomes. This First Golem is the defensive one, specialized in creating a shield to protect your mobs against enemy attacks. It goes hand in hand with other offensive First Golems, like First of Diorite, because it can provide adequate protection, especially during a long push into Piglin Stronghold.

    Oak’s First in Minecraft Legends

    • awakening cost: 500 Wood, 100 Gold

    You can get the First of Oak by finding it in the Badlands biomes. This First Golem is the artillery support for your army, finding its place behind your lines and safely bombarding the enemy troops with its big cannon. Be sure not to leave this Prime Golem open to enemy attacks, as it is fragile and will destroy itself quickly.

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    How to wake up the first golems in Minecraft Legends

    Once you locate the First Golem in Minecraft Legends, you need to build the Wake the Firsts Upgrade near the Well of Fate. To build it, you will need 100 Stone and 100 prismarine. Once the building is complete, you can instantly awaken any First Golems you find during your explorations, as long as you have resources available. They only use one Llama resource point, and to deploy all four, you need four Llama points, which you can easily pay for by building an Upgrade: Flame of Creation near the Well of Destiny.

    To awaken the First Golems, you must first locate them in the world. They are easy to spot in the world as an oddity that stands apart from the regular terrain features. Once you get close, the in-game dialogue will prompt you. From then on, they will be marked on the map with a question mark so you can find them more easily in the future.

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