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    If you like to play Minecraft but feel that the vast world of Minecraft is a lonely place, you can have someone accompany you. Minecraft Jenny Mod is a mod that allows you to have an NPC, or more specifically, a virtual girlfriend, so that you can give her gifts, follow you around, and go on dates. Minecraft Jenny is an NSFW mod created by SlipperyT, or SlipperyTum, who makes NSFW Minecraft mods and animations.

    How to download the Jenny mod in Minecraft

    Minecraft Jenny is a virtual girlfriend (or friend) mod that spawns an NPC that will accompany you throughout your game. You can take Jenny on your adventures and shower her with gifts if you want. You only need to follow a few steps to get Jenny in Minecraft.

    Download and install CurseForge

    So, for the Jenny Mod to work, you would only need to download curseforge and the Mod Minecraft Jenny that correspond to your version of Minecraft. CurseForge allows you to create custom instance profiles that allow you to use mods. After downloading both files, start CurseForge and in the choose a game screen, select Minecraft. will take you to the My Modpacks page, where you will click on the Create custom profile button at the top right of CurseForge. Give your profile a name and choose your version of Minecraft, then finish by clicking the To create button.

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    Jenny Mod Installation

    Once you have finished creating your instance profile in CurseForge, the profile will be displayed to you. The right button of the mouse and click open folderwhich will show you the location of the profile folder, where you can Paste the Minecraft Jenny Mod .jar proceedings. Once the folder is open, go to the mod folder and paste the Jenny mod .jar file there. Once you’ve done that, click Play in the CurseForge window to start Minecraft with the Jenny Mod installed.

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    Play Minecraft Jenny Mod

    After you have launched the game, look in your inventory for the Jenny spawn egg. Use the egg anywhere to spawn Jenny, and she will spawn in front of you. From there, you can interact with Jenny to do different things like ask her to follow you, go home, or just give her gifts so she does things with you. Giving him gifts will enable NSFW dialogues and animations, so be careful. You can also equip her with armor to make her stronger, as she heals very quickly. It can also teleport back to you if you’ve strayed too far. It also benefits from potions such as the Water Breathing Potion to accompany you on your underwater adventure.

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    How to download Jenny Mod with Minecraft Launcher

    If you use a Minecraft launcher or any other program to play, just go to the installation files, usually in the %appdata% folder. To go to this folder, click on the start menu, search for To runand write %application data%. This will open the Minecraft directory, which has the mod folder inside. Simply paste the Jenny Mod.jar file inside and run the game, enjoy!

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