Minecraft Avatar Legends DLC Slated For Early December


The new DLC is on its way to Minecraft next month. the minecraft avatars legends DLC Will Bring Four Characters From Nickelodeon’s Much-Beloved Shows Avatar the last airbender Y Avatar: The Legend of Korraand everything is on its way to the blocky sandbox in less than two weeks.

This news comes through the official Minecraft Twitter account, which posted a tweet yesterday pointing to the new DLC. The tweet asks you to “master all four elements” just like the Avatar does on the show, and highlights the release date of the legends of avatars DLC, which is December 6th. You won’t have to wait too long for Avatar characters to get Minecraft.

So what can you expect from the legends of avatars downloadable content? The only image posted alongside the tweet shows the characters Aang, Firelord Zuko, Katara, and Suki, all of whom are dubbing the elements they are known to be masters of. At the very least, we know these costumes will be in the DLC, though we don’t know what else is coming.

Meanwhile, in the Minecraft beta, this dealer knows what’s up.

in another part of Minecraftthe beta branch recently added some new things You should definitely check it out if you like desert settings. New additions to the experimental branch include bamboo block variations, changes to camels, and a rather endearing feature whereby putting mobs’ heads on note blocks will play that mob’s ambient sounds “when played by a player or works with Redstone.”

you can grab the minecraft avatars legends DLC of the Minecraft Market on December 6. There you will also find some of the most ambitious community creations made by modders and Minecraft lovers Who knows? Maybe it will inspire you to make some Minecraft own creations. If they’re good enough, you might even get hired by an indie studio to work on modding tools for them! watch this space for more Minecraft news.


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