Microsoft reveals three upcoming Bethesda games will be Xbox and PC exclusives



    Yesterday, December 22 Microsoft released a 37-page response to a recent FTC lawsuit against the alleged acquisition of Activision Blizzard. On page 6 of the book, accessible on the web (opens in a new tab), Xbox acknowledges that the three upcoming Bethesda games will be exclusively for Xbox and PC systems.

    The publisher won’t name three games, the copy goes with them. Xbox expects three future games, [Bethesda], exclusive to Xbox and PC, the document excerpts add, that these games are intended to be played for solo or in small groups.

    It isn’t entirely clear if Starfield is included in the three games that were developed by Bethesda. However, since the information that Starfield is an Xbox and PC exclusive has been public for many months now, Microsoft doesn’t have to hide Starfield in its filing against the FTC.

    And so it’s probably not yet possible that these three games that have been shown to the public. It’s worth noting that a game between the three isn’t most likely not Arkanes Redfall, as most a game like Starfield, the gaming upcoming Xbox and PC exclusivity has long been known.

    One of these games could really be the Indiana Jones game that is developed by Wolfensteins Machine Games studio. In the past, one has a very little information available. Neither Xbox nor Bethesda announced platform for the upcoming game, which suggests that this game is one of the exclusives mentioned here.



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