MHA’s Hawks Is Learning His Greatest Power Comes From Inside


The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 265, “Heroes and Villains” onwards, by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt, available now in English via Viz Media.

my hero academiaPro Hero Hawks #2 has a quirk that revolves entirely around its wings; they are your best asset and come with some amazing perks. Hawks’ fierce wings allow him to fly through the sky at incredible speeds with feathers that can be detached and controlled telekinetically, allowing him to target villains or save civilians with ease.

However, Hawks’ wings were severely maimed during a fight with the infamous villain Dabi, and he had to make a difficult decision to return to the battlefield. By not giving himself time to heal, both physically and emotionally, Hawks may have done great damage to the biggest and most important part of his Quirk.

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What happened to Hawks wings in My Hero Academia?

While acting as a double agent in MHAIn the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc, Hawks was confronted by a puzzled Twice wondering why he would betray the organization, and the villain finally lashed out. The fight that broke out between them ended with Hawks overpowering Twice, but before the hero could kill him, Dabi interrupted with a wave of blue flames.

The winged hero previously stated that his greatest weakness is fire, as his feathers burn easily, but he has no countermeasures if attacked by someone wielding that Quirk. When Hawks faced Dabi, the fight was bound to end in disaster. When the ferocious villain shot Hawks, engulfing him in flames for betraying the organization and killing Twice, he stepped on him and made sure to burn his wings to a crisp.

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Hawks hastened the healing process

The falcons’ wings were going to take a long time to grow back, but they would have, if he hadn’t had prosthetic feathers fitted. Recovery Girl did her best to restore Fierce Wings and return Hawks to a functional state, but the few feathers she had left needed the help of prosthetics to regain speed. Implanting them would stunt feather growth, so the falcons will likely never grow their natural feather again.

The Pro Hero knew full well that another war was on the horizon and he desperately wanted to be a useful asset. So he interrupted his healing and decided to speed up the process and get the prosthetic wings. Hawks would rather sacrifice his natural feathers than sit in a major battle due to his then useless wings.

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Hawks from My Hero Academia is afraid of being useless

Hawks is used to being a hero, being useful to society and giving his life a purpose, all with his wings. Now that they are gone, he has sunk into feelings of worthlessness, probably planted in his childhood by his mother. When he was a child, Hawks’s mother constantly questioned his use of the Quirk, asking him why he had wings or what they were for. Later in life, the hero learned to make the most of his wings and everything he could do with them. Hawks’s negative thoughts were born from the belief that his wings are what makes him a person, and without them he has no idea how to ever be useful again.

To erase these feelings, Hawks underwent prosthetic wing surgery, allowing him to fly and shoot feathers again. However, this meant that he didn’t have feathers big enough for his famous feather swords, so he started wielding twin katana instead of him, an area of ​​combat he was already proficient in. However, the pro hero’s newfound confidence was quickly dashed by All For One, who confirmed any doubts about the new wings, stating that they were both past their prime, despite the fact that Hawks was only 23 years old. Later in their fight, the deadly antagonist berated the young hero while he was already down, stating that his feathers cannot withstand his attacks and that Hawks is “completely useless” in his current state.

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The villain knew what he was doing by telling Hawks this, but my hero academiaThe winged hero from is excellent at keeping his cool and fought back harder than ever, breaking All For One’s mask. While the words probably hurt and definitely took their toll, Hawks proved that he’s still a useful hero. He is as powerful a fighter and strategist as he was before the accident, proving that there is much more to Hawks than just his wings.

While his wings may never be the same again, Hawks will probably get by without his Quirk and go through a major growth curve. He has already adapted to using Katana in battle and shows no signs of giving up, so some serious character development should be on the table. Hopefully, the young hero will learn that his prime is yet to come and become comfortable with the idea that his greatest strength comes from within.

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