Metroid Prime 4 resurfaces with a new gameplay trailer and beyond subtitles.


    We finally have only one logo on Metroid Prime 4. The game is releasing in 2025 and is officially titled Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. The game has faced various problems since its announcement in 2017. The game was originally being developed by Bandai Namco, but was later restarted and transferred to Retro Studios, the developer behind the first three Metroid Prime games.

    Finally watching the game is interesting, but in a way, not surprising. The action is reminiscent of other Metroid games from Retro (which is a good thing). We see Samus landing on a planet clearly in the middle of battle in a new ship, she spins around, scans the environment, attacks monsters, and turns into a morph ball. We all see a new enemy looming with a pair of Metroids floating on his shoulder.

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