Realize that Nero is not on the base roster for Type Lumina.

Stage 1: Shock

“What the ♥♥♥♥?? Nero isn’t in TL? Seriously?”

Stage 2: Denial

“No, no, that can’t be right. He’s one of the most visually unique characters. He is probably going to be a secret unlockable character! I doubt they’d leave out someone like him.”

Stage 3: Anger

“That’s so stupid!!!! Why would they do this!!!!!!! He’s so cool!!! I’m so angry!!! >:( “

Stage 4: Bargaining

“But wait, There could always be DLC! If the game does well enough I’m sure they will add more characters! I’d pay to get Nero back, for sure!”

Stage 5: Depression

“Nero isn’t in TL….. and there are no plans DLC….”

Stage 6: Testing*

“But you know, TL is still really fun, and there are other very cool characters to play instead!”

Stage 7: Acceptance

“I’m going to kms.”

This also applies to Warachia

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