Mega Apex Legends fans travel 20 days in a row for the ALGS Playoffs


    The ALGS has a huge fan base all over the world who are dedicated to their favorite teams and players.

    for the 2 split the have embarked on huge journeys to see only the best. Apex Legends Professionals from all over the world compete.

    Of all the fans at the event, no one’s journey compares to that of Wenjie Shi from Shanghai. Instead of going to London, Wenji decided to complete the 20-day drive from China to Britain. peak-Themed car.

    We got a chance to sit down with Wenji to discuss the motivations behind his incredible journey and who he wants to take home in the playoffs.

    Dedicated Apex fan completes 20-day drive to ALGS playoffs

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    On Day 3 of the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs we sat down with Wenjie Shi and a translator to talk about his incredible car journey around the world just to get to London for the event.

    When asked about the motivation behind the trip, Wenji revealed that “now is the best time to travel to Europe by car and not only that, I can appreciate some beautiful scenery along the way.”

    Although it would have been easier to go straight to the UK, Wenji clarified that he “likes challenges and doing things that other people find difficult.”

    On average per day, Wenji traveled between 12 and 14 hours to reach his destination 7,000 miles Even though both of his favorite teams on the road, MDY White & DreamFire, have dropped out of the competition, Wenji still loves the event.

    Journey to the Apex Fan

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    There’s no denying that completing the 20-mile journey from Shanghai to London in a car is an astonishing feat.

    This definitely sets Wenji apart as a superfan and shows how much dedication he has to ALGS as a whole.


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