MCU Theory: Avengers: Endgame Created Marvel’s Multiverse


Marvel Cinematic Universe closed its third phase in a big way. Thanos was not only defeated at the cost of the lives of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, but time travel and more realities were introduced as a result. These changes then affected the fourth phase of the MCU, as the many people showcased had to deal with the repercussions of how the world was changed on two separate occasions. On a cosmic scale, the entire universe changed as there was now an infinite amount.

In Loki, the concept of the multiverse was introduced as a future that should never have happened. Doing so would allow people from other universes to cross over and potentially create catastrophic incursions. Even more frightening is that it also opened the door for Kang the Conqueror and variants of him to attempt to take over these realities. While it is known that the multiverse was born in the season finale of Lokiit’s less well known that these events likely occurred long before Stark snapped his fingers, and Gamora’s existence proves that.

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When did The Multiverse start in Endgame?

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when the multiverse was born. avengers endgame, as there could be countless possibilities. Before venturing into the possible moment when things changed, it is important to understand what was explained in Loki. While the Avengers traveling through time to steal the Infinity Stones was meant to happen in the sacred timeline, this was probably because Captain America was meant to return the stones. However, before that moment could happen, Thanos invaded the future and began an attack on the Avengers Compound.

While it’s likely that the events that led to the Hulk snapping his fingers did happen, there’s still the fact that Loki stole The Tesseract. That action was an offense to the Sacred Timeline, and Loki shouldn’t have been there. As a result, there was a brief window in which anything could happen to him, as long as it was rectified. Because of this, it’s possible that the moment Thanos arrived in the future, or even the moment Gamora stayed in the future, the multiverse was born.

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What makes Gamora so important to the theory?

Without Gamora, the idea that the multiverse appeared in avengers endgame it would collapse completely. When Stark snapped his fingers, he erased any trace of the Mad Titan or his army, erasing them from reality as if nothing had happened. However, Gamora stayed. Since the original Gamora died when Thanos sacrificed her, the 2014 version didn’t have to be in the future. Doing so would have almost immediately caused a branching reality where TVA would have to re-prune the timeline.

However, TVA did not appear here, and since then, variants have been mixed throughout The Multiverse uninhibited, creating issues that have yet to be addressed. What did avengers endgame such a clever way of sneaking into the multiverse was how it articulated the threat of branching realities on whether or not the Infinity Stones were returned. Still, so much damage was done that even with the items returned, he couldn’t excuse Gamora from staying. However, now that the multiverse is finally a thing, it’s only a matter of time before all of these timeline changes are addressed and the years of damage finally come back to affect those in the present.

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