Mattel unveils a particular interview with the designers of an upcoming He-Man determine that embodies 40 years of historical past, from the early ’80s to right now.

A brand new video detailing the design course of behind the forthcoming He-Man determine celebrating Masters of the Universe‘s fortieth anniversary has been launched by Mattel.

The clip options interviews with Terence Higuchi, Damon Nee, and Roy Juarez, respectively Mattel’s Key Lead Designer, Senior Design Director, and Packaging Designer. All three discuss concerning the significance behind engaged on a brand new He-Man sculpt that embodies the character’s basic look whereas updating him for a brand new period of collectors.

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“We wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of He-Man and look at the vintage line first as inspiration while bringing the character forth into some modern sensibilities of action figure design,” Nee stated. “…It’s about 30 points of articulation, so he’s super articulated, you can get him in all kinds of great battle poses.”

How Does The New He-Man Figure Pay Tribute To The Past?

Higuchi stated the brand new determine had a bigger higher physique than latest He-Man sculpts as an ode to the extraordinarily top-heavy look of the unique 1981 Masters of the Universe toys. The fortieth anniversary He-Man comes with the identical equipment that he was bundled with 4 many years in the past, together with his axe, defend and Power Sword, however Higuchi identified one key distinction: “My favorite detail is we added [an] articulation point on his wrist so he can hold aloft his sword just like in the cartoon.”

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This consideration to element and respect in the direction of He-Man’s historical past extends to the packaging, which options the identical exploding pink lava rocks that appeared on classic Masters of the Universe figures. The again of the bundle additionally boasts a putting illustration of He-Man, Skeletor and Battle Cat, with Castle Greyskull within the background. The artwork was designed to pay tribute to Frank Frazetta’s “Night Winds” illustration, which reveals Kane — a fantasy character created by Karl Edward Wagner — a horse and a scantily-clad girl in related positions. He-Man was closely impressed by Frazetta’s sword and sorcery illustrations of Kane, Conan the Barbarian and related characters, proper all the way down to his barely clothed, loincloth-wearing physique.

“It does make me feel like a kid again,” Juarez stated, including that engaged on the determine was a “full-circle” expertise. “Not only am I designing the packaging, I’m also getting a second chance at collecting these figures that I wish I had as a kid.”

The Masters of the Universe fortieth Anniversary He-Man determine has an anticipated launch date of Oct. 2. It is on the market for pre-order now.

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