Marvel’s Weirdest B-List Villains


Most Marvel Comics followers acknowledge villains like Doctor Doom, Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and Apocalypse. These are probably the most harmful villains, those the MCU can construct a complete part round. There are loads of villains within the Marvel Universe that do not fairly hit that A-List mark, however are extremely harmful nonetheless, inserting them above villains which can be purely performed for laughs.

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B-List villains can present a bit extra character. Perhaps their targets aren’t as formidable, and maybe their designs are unusual, forcing some heroes to underestimate them. Whatever the case, B-List villains like Mister Sinister, Mysterio, and MODOK show unusual powers throughout their often extravagant, artistic villainous plots.

10 Mysterio’s Illusions Are Dangerous But His Costume Is Ridiculous

Mysterio is a villain who’s each outlined and held again by his basic Silver Age costume. Mysterio is definitely one in all Spider-Man’s dorkiest villains. He wears an enormous fishbowl on his head, but the look is so iconic that each iteration of his costume with out it feels prefer it’s lacking one thing.

Given his inclination for the stage, Quentin Beck ought to have been capable of provide you with a greater costume, however maybe that is the rationale why his film profession failed. Still, he stays a harmful risk. Mysterio even hopped between universes to problem each Peter Parker and Miles Morales within the Spider-Men miniseries.

9 Mister Sinister’s Wacky Personality Doesn’t Make Him Any Less Dangerous

An earlier model of Mister Sinister was extra akin to a Saturday morning cartoon villain. But in the course of the 2010s, writers like Kieron Gillen gave Sinister a character makeover. These days, he is a mad scientist and a comically overacting ham.

He’s cloned himself and altered his personal DNA so many instances that his habits is unpredictable. He’s gained a love for the aptitude and dramatics that include being a villain, however he is additionally incapable of empathy and has zero morals. Sinister is extra protecting of his cape than his teammates. Though he is working with Krakoa now, he consistently betrays his allies whereas attaining his personal targets.

8 Living Laser Is A Small-Minded Crook Composed Entirely Of Light

Arthur Parks was a scientist earlier than he turned himself into pure mild for the sake of profitable his ex-girlfriend, Lucy Barton, again. He failed, however he managed to turn out to be one in all Iron Man’s largest foes. While Stark has surpassed most Silver Age villains, Living Laser’s energy permits him to maintain up with Stark irrespective of what number of Iron Man fits he builds.

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As a being composed fully of sunshine, he is a strolling oddity. As a scientist, he may have made billions merely finding out his personal nature. Instead, he was consumed by revenge and conquest. Its this small-minded angle that ends in his steady losses.

7 Grey Gargoyle Is A French Chemist Who Turns People To Stone

Paul Duval was a chemist who turned himself right into a metahuman throughout one in all his experiments. Afterwards, he discovered he may flip something he touched into stone, together with different individuals and himself. But whereas different individuals flip into statues, Grey Gargoyle stays utterly purposeful. With his new powers, Gargoyle selected to turn out to be a infamous thief in France.

From an period the place villains did not want a lot motivation, Gargoyle bounced between wanting immortality and wanting desperately for individuals to take him severely. Despite his deadly powers, he was too unusual and harmful to affix Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers.

6 Super-Adaptoid Copies The Powers And Outfits Of Every Avenger

Amazo was a well-liked character from the Justice League cartoons who may copy the heroes’ talents. The Avengers even have their very own model of a strong android that may copy the powers of any member of the staff.

The Super-Adaptoid’s talents make it a problem for any mixture of Avengers, irrespective of how sturdy they’re. Strangely, the Super-Adaptoid does not simply mimic powers, however appearances as properly. While the visuals helped readers know which powers the Super-Adaptoid copied, the design would typically look ridiculous. Super-Adaptoid appears stranger and stranger the extra characters it mimics.

5 Molecule Man’s Sheer Power Affects His Mind

As the Molecule Man, Owen Reece is likely one of the strongest beings within the Marvel Universe. He possesses management over matter on the molecular degree, manipulating it as he sees match. While he is been unable to govern natural matter previously, this has been indicated to be extra of a psychological block than an precise weak spot.

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Working alongside Doctor Doom, Owen took out all the opposite Molecule Men within the multiverse to realize infinite energy. Molecule Man is likely one of the few villains to hinder his personal talents. His psychological blocks had been initially used to maintain his harmful powers at bay. The extra blocks he overcomes, the extra energy he wields.

4 Fin Fang Foom Is A Shapeshifting Alien That Chooses To Live As A Dragon

Fin Fang Foom is one in all Iron Man’s strongest villains. He is not talked about actually because he merely does not “fit” into the rogues gallery of any enemy he fights. He’s a shapeshifter from an alien planet, however he typically takes the type of a large dragon.

Because of his extremely harmful powers, Foom has been worshiped by various human cultures previously. He’s a personality that does not match Iron Man’s standard themes in any respect, as Tony usually faces tech-based villains. Foom’s alien physiology and mystical nature really make him the proper Iron Man villain. Fin Fang Foom isn’t a villain that may be simply stopped with know-how, forcing Tony to suppose outdoors the field.

3 MODOK Is The Head Of A.I.M. And A Literal Floating Head

MODOK is the last word weapon of A.I.M., proper all the way down to his identify: the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. MODOK finally grew to become one of many main heads of the A.I.M. group, taking on the group fully. If A.I.M., evil engineers who work in fringe science, wasn’t bizarre sufficient, MODOK made them even weirder.

The character is a big head trapped in a floating chair who shoots demise ray beams from a gem in his head. Nothing about him is sensible, and but he is featured in a whole lot of comics. He’s even turn out to be the star of his personal tv sequence and MODOK is filled with Easter Eggs for followers to search out.

2 Korvac Is A Cosmic Being With A Human Mind

Korvac was one of many Avengers’ deadliest threats. Formerly a human, Michael Korvac attained godlike energy and tried to make use of it to reclaim his former lover. The Avengers battled him to a standstill, nevertheless it price the lives of a number of staff members together with the Wasp.

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Ashamed by the destruction he’d brought about, Korvac resurrected the fallen Avengers earlier than disappearing. Korvac is misunderstood, however his powers are too unstable. Korvac might possess godlike powers of the cosmos, however he’s nonetheless only a human being. The Avengers typically use his humanity to their benefit. Korvac is generally overwhelmed by his powers, as any human being could be.

1 The Owl Takes Special Drugs To Give Him The Powers Of An Owl

The Owl is one in all Daredevil’s oldest and strongest foes, debuting in Daredevil #3 by Stan Lee and Joe Orlando. Leland Owlsley instructions a large gang and is as a lot answerable for the harm to New York City because the Kingpin. Having a criminal offense household wasn’t sufficient for Owlsley.

He found a particular drug that granted him superpowers with frequent doses. He good points tremendous power, enhanced pace, and might even develop talons. Peter Parker good points the powers of a spider, and abruptly, everybody desires to emulate their favourite animal. Owlsley may simply delegate the soiled work to his henchmen, however after gaining the powers of an owl, he is greater than a match for Daredevil within the ring.

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