Marvel’s Other Moon Knight Just Relived His Own Death


The following contains major spoilers for moon knight #16, available now from Marvel Comics.

Embarking on a new life under the auspices of the Midnight Mission, Marc Spector also strove to reshape his brutal legacy as a Moon Knight. While this has seen Marc overcome some of the most personal battles he has ever fought, it has also drawn unwanted attention. Thankfully, Marc has been able to smooth things over with his Fist of Khonshu partner, Hunter’s Moon, though the same can’t be said for the fledgling vampire empire in the shadows of his city. Worse yet, the enigmatic Tutor’s grudge against Moon Knight has just subjected his devoted counterpart to the gruesome death that made him Hunter’s Moon, again.

moon knight #16 (by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit) finds Marc, Reese, and Soldier meeting with Lady Yulan, the leader of the Chinatown vampire syndicate. Instead of hurling threats her way, Marc has turned to Yulan in hopes of gaining insight into Tutor’s regime. As Marc learns that he has decided his grudge against Midnight Mission is personal, Hunter’s Moon is discovering that fact for himself in the worst possible way.

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Hunter’s Moon was killed by vampires – again

Despite all the divine strength imparted to her by Khonshu, Hunter’s Moon is unable to defeat both Tutor’s super-powered assassins and his army of vampire servants. In an attack reminiscent of the one that brought him to Khonshu in the first place, Hunter’s Moon is beaten, broken, and stabbed. This time, however, he is not left for dead, but brutally killed with a single blow to the neck. Worse, Khonshu isn’t likely to come offering him another chance at life after his most recent demise, though that hardly means he’ll go unavenged.

While Doctor Badr’s initial assassination was the catalyst for him being offered a place at Khonshu’s side, that was during a time when the God of Vengeance was free to seek out new champions. Khonshu is still imprisoned today, even if his presence is not entirely lost on those with whom he shares an innate connection. Assuming this is reason enough for Khonshu to not intervene, then Moon Knight will once again be the only Fist left to his patron god, and he’ll have every reason in the world to raze the Guardian Structure to the ground.

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The disappearance of Hunter’s Moon will drastically affect Moon Knight

Even if Hunter’s Moon hasn’t been a part of the Marvel Universe for very long, its impact on Moon Knight in that short time is obvious. Hunter’s Moon not only challenged Moon Knight’s devotion to Khonshu, but also challenged his dedication to the Midnight Mission. In doing so, the loose framework of an idea Marc began with was cemented as something that similarly defied Khonshu’s more bloodthirsty attributes in favor of embracing the more benevolent of them.

In turn, this opened Hunter’s Moon’s eyes to the idea that he might be more than a living source of divine retribution. His openly devout nature did not necessarily diminish overnight, but it was not long before serious doubts were raised about his faith. Now that he’s gone, it won’t be long before Moon Knight begins to question his own chosen path in life, and Hunter’s Moon’s death just might be enough for him to change everything for the grotesque brand of revenge he used to. be so well known for

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