Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Get Missed Guardian Collectibles/Outfits

If you’re like me and you’ve combed the map, yet somehow have missed a couple of collectibles along the way…. don’t worry!

In order to acquire missed Outfits and/or Guardian Collectibles, you need to go back through the Chapters individually or through a new playthrough via New Game Plus. I’ve seen many people saying that backtracking via Chapter Select doesn’t work and they cannot keep anything that they pick up. I’m here to tell you that information is flat out untrue. The only reason these items don’t save is because the game never saved after picking up the item(s), therefore they were never ‘acquired.’

In essence, pick a chapter via Chapter Select, get to the point where you can pick up the item, either continue along the story’s path until autosave kicks in or just have Peter Quill / Star-Lord die to trigger a save. That’s it. As soon as that save has kicked in, you can exit to the main menu. You keep all Outfits and/or Guardian Collectibles with no problem, these stick around regardless of where you are in the story.

Hope this helped! May Gamora’s best outfit soon be patched to work in Photo Mode.

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