Marvel’s 10 Most Controversial Heroes


Marvel has all the time endeavored to resemble the world outdoors of readers’ home windows. Heroes had issues that have been like those the readers had, and real-world points have been introduced into the narratives. This led Marvel to change into a pacesetter within the comedian business, dwelling as much as its sobriquet because the House of Ideas. It’s additionally led to controversy many occasions over time, with heroes changing into bones of competition on the earth outdoors of comics.

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Marvel has modified quite a bit over time, and issues that weren’t controversial earlier than have change into objects of controversy. Many heroes have been part of this, with followers debating whether or not they deserve the damaging recognition that comes with previous actions.

10/10 Silver Age Reed Richards’ Treatment Of His Wife Sue Storm Is Awful

The Fantastic Four is a singular staff in Marvel historical past. They have been all the time a household; Mister Fantastic as the daddy, Invisible Woman because the mom, and Thing and Human Torch because the rowdy brothers. The Silver Age was a a lot completely different time, and Reed Richards was the quintessential man of the Sixties. This makes going again and studying how he handled Sue a horrible expertise.

The therapy of Sue Storm is simply wanting bodily abuse and has made Reed a problematic character to many readers, regardless of adjustments to him and his relationship with Sue. While he treats his spouse higher now, Reed’s character has nonetheless been an issue in fashionable occasions, as he was susceptible to maintain secrets and techniques and commit genocide as a member of the Illuminati.

9/10 Marvel Has Made Spider-Man Controversial To Many Fans

Spider-Man is Marvel’s hottest hero and The Amazing Spider-Man is all the time on the prime of the gross sales charts, however that does not imply that the character is not controversial. Since 2007’s One More Day, when Marvel editorial, led by then-Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, destroyed the wedding between Spider-Man and Mary Jane as a result of they thought it “aged” the character, Spider-Man followers have been up in arms.

Over the years, followers have harassed writers, writers have harassed followers, and Marvel has regularly trolled the individuals who beloved the Mary Jane/Peter Parker marriage. At the very least, gross sales have not suffered an excessive amount of.

8/10 The Inhumans Push Completely Destroyed A Great Corner Of The Marvel Universe

The genesis of Marvel’s Inhumans’ push was 2013’s crossover occasion Infinity, when Black Bolt launched the Terrigen Mists into Earth’s environment. Starting in 2015, Marvel started to launch a number of Inhumans books, with the Mists awakening Inhumans all around the Earth. This was superb, however then Marvel added a twist: the Mists have been toxic to mutants. This led to an X-Men versus Inhumans narrative.

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It was made worse when the explanation behind the transfer was revealed: Marvel was pushing the Inhumans to exchange mutants as a result of they did not personal the movie rights to the X-Men. This fully backfired on them. The Inhumans misplaced badly within the court docket of public opinion and have not been seen in years.

7/10 Hank Pym’s Spousal Abuse Has Dogged Him For Years

Hank Pym has been by way of many identities over time, however his most controversial will all the time be Yellowjacket. Hank Pym has dissociative identification dysfunction, melancholy, and nervousness, and considered one of his identities was a extra macho model of himself that got here out as Yellowjacket. This “alpha male” model of Hank went as far as to hit his spouse, the Wasp.

This second has coloured Hank Pym ceaselessly within the eyes of followers and led to the Ultimate Comics model of Hank Pym, who was rather more abusive in direction of the Wasp. The whole plot line has aged terribly, each due to its damaging portrayal of psychological well being situations and the way it led to worse moments down the street.

6/10 Captain Marvel’s Entire Existence Has Angered The Worst Elements Of The Fandom

Carol Danvers has modified quite a bit since her debut. She started her profession as Ms. Marvel, joined the Avengers, misplaced her powers, grew to become Binary, hung round with the X-Men, and made her method again to the Avengers, generally going by Warbird earlier than going again to Ms. Marvel. In 2015, the longtime Avenger could be given the mantle of Captain Marvel and a section of the fandom misplaced their minds.

Most Marvel followers have been joyful Carol was getting an opportunity on the huge time. The worst components of Marvel’s followers rebelled loudly as a result of she was a lady, not even understanding she was the second girl to be Captain Marvel. 2016’s Civil War II did not do her any favors, making her the villain of an occasion ebook that coloured what number of have checked out her since.

5/10 Scarlet Witch Has Been Treated Terribly By Creators For Years

Scarlet Witch has usually been irredeemable, committing a mess of horrible acts over time. However, the vast majority of these tales have performed into damaging stereotypes about ladies. For instance, lots of the earliest tales have been all about Scarlet Witch dropping management of her feelings and powers, one thing that was widespread with superheroines again then.

While this sort of storytelling in comics has subsided, it continues to be current in Scarlet Witch tales, showcased within the MCU with WandaVision and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. It’s change into such part of the character that it is transcended the comics.

4/10 Iron Man Has Been Used To Criticize Capitalism And Conservatism

Iron Man has gotten a uncooked deal since Civil War, however the character has all the time been a deep and controversial hero. In the ’60s, Tony Stark was a critique of the Cold War stereotype of the ingenious American, one who would see firsthand what his enterprise may result in. The character was usually used to criticize libertarian and conservative ideology, exhibiting Stark in a damaging mild.

Civil War and its aftermath would see the character taken to a brand new controversial degree. He might have been the winner in Marvel’s occasion sequence, however his safety at any price to freedom mantra made him right into a hated character by followers, one thing his affiliation with Illuminati did not assist. To this present day, his reputation amongst comedian followers has by no means recovered.

3/10 Professor X Is A Problematic Leader

Professor X is commonly thought of the Martin Luther King Jr. of the mutant race, however that overlooks years of wrongdoing on his half. It all began again when Professor X admitted that he was in love with Jean Grey, who was a youngster on the time. This truly occurred within the ’60s X-Men comedian written by Stan Lee however could be forgotten till the ’90s.

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Beyond that, there are the quite a few occasions Xavier has lied to his college students, manipulated their minds, and endangered mutants along with his actions. For a personality who is meant to be a civil rights chief stand-in, Xavier is principally as unhealthy any of the extra violent mutant villains the X-Men fought.

2/10 Starfox Is Creepy

Starfox is not a lot of a fighter, however he is undoubtedly a lover. The brother of Thanos was speculated to be the evil Titan’s actual reverse, so he was given the ability of manipulation, in a position to make use of his voice to get individuals to do what he wished. This was by no means actually checked out as an issue till a problem of She-Hulk by Dan Slott and Will Conrad noticed the character introduced up on sexual assault expenses and revealed that he used his powers for sexual achieve on a regular basis.

This modified the way in which everybody checked out Starfox, and he is had few appearances since then. Everyone was very shocked when he confirmed up within the MCU and A.X.E. Judgment Day within the comics, seeing as his powers are principally villainous and creepy.

1/10 The Punisher Is Worshiped By People He Would Hate

Among Marvel heroes with a excessive physique rely, Punisher is in a category of his personal. His whole mission is to cease crime by any means vital, which has usually meant taking pictures everybody in his method. In the true world, the character has struck a chord with regulation enforcement and plenty of of them have taken to emblazoning their automobiles along with his symbols.

The irony is that the Punisher would hate them. The Punisher is simply as liable to go after police officer who breaks the regulation as anybody else and has little respect for even those who aren’t crooked. It’s an instance of poor media literacy from the boys in blue.

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