The following accommodates spoilers for Savage Avengers #5, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Marvel bids farewell to Conan the Barbarian with a send-off befitting of the Hyborian Age hero.

Conan’s time combating alongside the Savage Avengers involves an finish within the fifth challenge of the staff’s newest ongoing collection, written by David Pepose and illustrated by Carlos Magno. Conan was a major focus of the title’s first arc, being that the group was making an attempt to guard him from a Deathlok soldier out to kill him. In the top although, it’s Conan who manages to save lots of your entire staff.

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The newest iteration of the Savage Avengers contains Daredevil Elektra Natchios, Agent Anti-Venom, Black Knight, Weapon H, Cloak and Dagger. While defending Conan from Deathlok, they have been all transported to Conan’s house interval, the Hyborian Age, and trapped there except Deathlok might convey all of them again to the Present Day. After Deathlok (secretly an aged Spider-Man Miles Morales) regains his humanity and tries to just do that, the staff is experiencing greater issues.

In the prior challenge, the necromancer Thulsa Doom sliced Conan’s throat and spilled his personal blood as properly, fulfilling a prophecy and unleashing the serpent god Set. In Savage Avengers #5, although Dagger heals Conan and brings him again into the struggle, the staff is struggling to comprise Set whereas Deathlok is having bother opening a portal to banish the god and ship the Savage Avengers to their very own time. With a feat of immense power, Conan helps Deathlok get everybody by way of the portal and crushes the gate behind them, the pages then treating readers to a montage of Conan’s historical past as he’s left behind within the Hyborian Age.

The final picture of Conan is as a king beside his household, the Avengers emblem displayed about his throne room because the narration reads, “No matter what legacy he left behind, Conan would always know this…he was an Avenger…and his legend would live forever.”

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Savage Avengers #5 could in truth be the ultimate time readers see Conan the Barbarian within the Marvel Universe. In May 2022, it was introduced by Heroic Signatures CEO Fred Malmberg that Marvel had chosen to not renew its Conan the Barbarian publishing rights with Conan Properties International, Malmberg saying, “We had a wonderful run with Marvel Comics but ultimately they have decided not to extend their license beyond this year.” Titan Comics has taken over the publishing rights for Conan and can launch a brand new ongoing collection starring the character in 2023.

Savage Avengers #5 is written by Pepose with inside artwork by Magno, colours by Espen Grundetjern and letters by VC’s Travis Lanham. Main cowl artwork for the difficulty is completed by Leinil Francis Yu and Sunny Gho. The e book is now on sale from Marvel Comics.

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