Marvel Future Fight adds new Fantastic Four content with the debut of Valeria and Franklin Richards

    • Marvel Future Fight is adding two new heroes in its Fantastic Four-themed update.
    • Valeria and Franklin Richards debut new costumes for their parents, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman.
    • A new multiverse saga, emblem collections and more are also being added.

    Marvel Future Fight, Netmarble’s flagship superhero game, is set to add two new members of Marvel’s First Family with the debut of Valeria and Franklin Richards. Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s superpowered kids (Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, in case you didn’t know) will debut new costumes for their parents and a new multiverse saga.

    Franklin and Valeria Richards (Fun fact, did you know Dr. Doom took the name Valeria after saving Susan Storm’s life? Hilarious!), are, as we noted, Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s children. Franklin prides herself on her ability to deal with reality while Valeria is the self-proclaimed smartest girl on the planet. And judging by what we see of them in the trailer above, the two live up to their heavy-hitting natures from the comics.

    Valeria (Modern) and Franklin (Modern) debut today with new ‘Fall of the Fantastic Four’ outfits for Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, which can now be upgraded to Tier Four with Striker Skills.

    Nuff said?

    But that’s not all! The new Multiverse Saga: Days of Doom lets these new characters show off their chops in a host of newly added battle stages. And the new Emblem Collection lets you collect emblems for your favorite heroes and further upgrade them.

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