Make a list of the cheapest box games on Xbox One


    Anyone who’s a Cube-based puzzler? You’re not getting much more done with Box Align X, one of the cheapest games available on Xbox.

    You can buy and download right now, or playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, is Box Align as it’s likely to be called it.

    With the QUByte Interactive team, a publishing company that throws out many cheap and cheerful gaming opportunities a weekly basis, Box Align was developed by those at Kasulo Game Studio and pushed out the Xbox world to provide a difficult, yet simple puzzle for the gamers.

    The presses are quite thin on the ground for Box Align, but the main point of the puzzle is that box contains a whole lot of boxes so they can be easily inserted into the box. The catch is you’ll want to do that very quickly.

    This process is complicated then and a visually savvy visual style brings it in, in spite of its many colours.

    With a lot of levels and puzzles waiting for, in case you are interested in something that will test the old grey matter for a day or two, you could choose the item of Box Align X as soon as possible from the Xbox Store. It’s only costing you a mere 1.69 (yes, 1.69), but will bring thrilling delights to your games, obscenes and both on Xbox One and X|S.

    Were this the game?

    Take a peek into the power of the Box Align puzzles. This simple puzzle is full of work, where you work even if you make the most of the puzzles and make the most of it possible to eliminate everything from the boxes to the rest of the world. Why are we playing Box Align?


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