Magical Mixture Mill – How To Beat Honey Works



    Tips for defeating Honeycombs


    Keyboard/mouse controls, don’t know controller mapping

    • Right clicking with the ax will give you a temporary buff that hits trees for 2 shots.
    • The spacebar (hold to aim) will teleport you a short distance and attack everything around you with the current tool.
    • Any of these will usually be sufficient to safely clear an isolated hive.

    Also if you remove the tree from which a swarm of bees came, the swarm dies instantly – so if you can destroy the tree before it hits a swarm attacks It’s good to be in.

    Ax buff with right click is necessary. Use it, run up and double shoot the tree, the bees stop attacking the moment the tree falls, so if you’re moderately fast you can hit the tree before it exits. I can usually kill 2-3 bee trees before I run out of powerups.



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