MADNESS: Project Nexus Boon Tokens And How To Farm Them

What Boon Tokens are and how to get them. :^)

What are Boon Tokens?

MADNESS: Project Nexus Boon Tokens And How To Farm Them

If you are playing through Arena on Tough difficulty, you may have noticed that you are collecting two tokens for each contract you complete for the first time.

Said tokens are “Boon Tokens”, which can be exchanged for some neat stuff.

As soon as you complete the Bus Stop contract “Fickle Friends” a Merchant will be available outside the HQ, selling you Color swatches and Alphaware through the fence.

You also unlock your private room, the loft through this mission.

Color swatches can be used to change those dull colors you have as your visor glow! Or make your blood color an irradiating green while you are at it.

Alphaware are augmentations that can be purchased to enhance the stats of your choice of a character of your choice. You can however only equip one at once. Neat!

In your loft at the mirror you can also change the color and look of your characters skin in exchange for boon tokens.

Farming more Tokens


As of currently, items you purchase with Boon Tokens do not carry over between Imprints. I advice you to make sure you are on your target imprint before you start unlocking everything.

So how do you get more tokens?

Simple, play arena stages on endless mode. :^)

MADNESS: Project Nexus Boon Tokens And How To Farm Them

When you play a stage with infinite waves, a drone has a chance to manifest on the battlefield. You will probably notice it spawning right away as it emits a green glow.

Your squad mates and back-up troopers will automatically attack the drones, but the token it drops must be picked up by you manually!

I’d personally only do infinite waves on tough or madness difficulty, as the drones tend to spawn more frequent here.

As far as I know they also spawn on tourist difficulty, but are far, far less frequent.

Good stages to farm on madness difficulty are Foundry, Slaughter Time and Fast Track.

Good luck with the RNG, token drops can get tedious.


TL;DR: Play infinite wave arena stages on tough difficulty or higher for drones to spawn and make sure to collect the tokens the drones drop when killed.

Thank you for looking at this little guide! I’ll probably update it with more tips and tricks once I have conducted further research. Feel free to drop suggestions in the comments! :^D

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