MacKenzie Scott reveals nearly $2 billion in donations to 343 organizations in blog post


Megadonor and novelist MacKenzie Scott announced nearly $2 billion in donations to 343 organizations in a short blog post on Monday, emphasizing his interest in supporting people in underserved communities.

In his first post in nearly eight months, Scott showcased his donations to numerous funds as a “great resource” for giving. “They pool the donations and distribute them among a diverse group of smaller organizations working for a common cause,” he wrote. “The funds we choose look for teams with lived experience in the problems they are tackling.”

Scott also repeated a promise he first made in December of last year to publish a database of the organizations to which he has donated.

His list of donations includes several that have been previously announced, including $85 million for the Girl Scouts of the USA last month, $39 million for Junior Achievement USA in August, and $123 million for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America In May. In Monday’s announcement, the donation amounts were not listed.

Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, rose to philanthropic fame in 2019 when she pledged to give away the bulk of her wealth, later giving away $5.8 billion in donations by the end of 2020.

Monday’s announcement brought the amount he said he has given to around $14 billion to some 1,500 organizations.

Bezos said in an interview with CNN published Monday that he give away most of their wealth in his life, although he did not specify how.

Forbes estimates Scott’s net worth at $29.5 billion, a figure that has fallen from its peak in 2021.

Beyond the speed and size of his giving, Scott’s approach to spending his money has also caught the eye of other major nonprofit donors and grantees: He uses a small team of advisers run by a consultancy and, for It typically informs nonprofits about the largest donations they’ve received. via cold calling or following up with a nondescript email. Gifts from him come with no strings attached and very few information requirements.

Because he made these donations as an individual and not through a foundation, little public record exists other than announcements from the recipient organizations, not all of which have disclosed the amounts they have received.

Over the past three years, Scott has not spoken about his philanthropy other than through his blog posts, choosing not to respond to media requests.

Scott’s donation list also included a Gwen Nell Westerman poem, “Dakota Homecoming,” saying it inspires her to stop talking every time she reads it.

“I had to shut down my laptop for a couple of days before writing this short post,” Scott wrote.


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