Lunar Lich Walkthrough And Beginners Guide

General guide for new players and basic infromation all you need to know.


Video guidance Video guidance


Use “↑↓←→” to move, and press z to confirm, and press x to quit the menu or open it, and press f4 to switch to full screen mode or window mode

Ways to use items The inventory

The inventory needs to be confirmed twice before you can actually enter it. When you use the item, you need to aim your character at the place that needs to be interacted. If there is no response, the interaction is invalid. It may not be aligned, or there may be deviations in the puzzle-solving idea.

Low fps problem

When entering some maps, you may find it’s at a low fps. You can try to re-enter the map until the map is fluent.

Game process

  • In the forest, go down to get the axe , and then go up to chop down the fallen tree trunks to get the axe handle.
  • Get the broken soul from the spirit on the left and enter the cave at the upper left of the archive point.
  • Pour the soul into the shelf on the right, and use the axe handle to interact with the flame on the left, get the torch to light the soul on the shelf on the right, and enter the cave.
  • After entering the cave, go straight to the right and slow down before the blood pit to enter the cliffside cave.
  • Go down the stairs to the left of the entrance to the bright hole and get the dagger from the mouse hole next to the wall.
  • Go down the stairs from the left of the bright hole and get the dagger from the mouse hole next to the wall.
  • Put the head into the identification box under the mural on the right, dispel the monsters, and the bright cave becomes dark.
  • Enter the darkened luminous Cave and cross the rails on the left.
  • After encountering the corpse around the leftmost hole, go back to the right to trigger the performance. All choose to leave, and flee from the right.
  • Go down the stairs on the right.
  • Get the levers in the map, and try to insert them into the corresponding switch. After all 3 levers are inserted, the spike at the upside of the map will be released. Be careful not to save files at the campfire when the monster is too close, as this may cause a dead file. In addition, the standing still knight on the upper left side of the map is a dummy and needs to be eliminated by interaction. The flash point lever behind the knight on the upper right will follow the player. In a certain position, the lever will find the player by itself and the player does not need to move too much.
  • The same is to obtain various levers and insert them into the mechanism. At the left edge of the map, you will encounter a dead end, get a broken hand, and then bypass the headless monster by walking. After all the levers are inserted, leave from the upper exit, go straight and block the exit of the ladder with the rock to prevent monsters from coming out. There is no puzzle solving in these two levels, and if the position is correct, it can be passed quickly.
  • According to the city wall, there are 5 red objects, 3 circular or semicircular objects. After entering the painting corridor, go through 5 times to the right (the screen turns black means 1 time), go down 1 time, go right 1 time, go down 3 times, go right 1 time, go down 1 time.
  • Interact with the painting of the purple line (magic wand painting). Touch the painting and press the button covered by the painting to open the door on the upper right.
  • Enter the corridor of the Lich Research Room, gets fake flowers from the statue on the upper left side , and bypasses the Hercules on the right side and enters the underground mine on the far right side, gets the regretless crystal from the skeleton and put the fake flower on it, then walk to the left and slowly trigger the being merciful and slowed down miner skeleton, and immediately fled to the right to the light until the skeleton disappeared.
  • Go back from the left stairs of the mine, unlock the door of the research room near the cat, enter and trigger the plot, and the map starts to vibrate.
  • The wand for cutting on the bookshelf in the corridor outside the research room was shaken off, and use the wand to cut the statue to open the way and cut the blood reaction stone in the mine.
  • Enter the cave from the statue, reset the suffocation countdown by interacting with the oxygen crystal ball, walk through the upper right passage and go up the ladder on the right.
  • Enter the roof, go down from the bottom left hole, enter the wooden board house, and return to the research room corridor from the right door (if you don’t unlock this shortcut first, you need to go through the suffocation channel again).
  • From the wooden board house to the top of the building, go through the ladder surrounded by the headless men from the lower right, and walk slightly to the upper left, pick up the blood sampling knife, go down from the nearest underground hole to the mine, and walk left to return to the research room .
  • Directly use the blood sampling knife to collect blood from yourself, drip the bloody knife’s blood into the alchemy pot in the research room, put the blood reaction powder and the regretless crystal, wait until the animation ends to produce the moon pattern key, and unlock the left door of the wooden board house.
  • Go up and turn right to find the skull to get the dreamer’s diary, then go to interact the spike switch at the bottom left of the map to turn off the spike on the right side of the purple line portrait, go through the small passage on the left of the map and go back, thengo through the small passage again to get the key to the tower on the right.
  • Get death’s determination on the right of the purple line portrait. Use the key to open the door of the tower at the top right of the building, and find the strongman who is locked at the top.
  • After getting up the ladder according to the prompt, instantly press the right button to avoid the shells, interact with the switch on the right to rescue the hercules and talk to him, and let him repair the elevator
  • Go up from the elevator platform and return to the forest. First go down to trigger the plot of the ladder. The hercules moves the ladder to the high tower on the left side of the research room, then go up to the village to trigger the plot, walk to the window to trigger the bloodstain, interact the window to open the door.
  • Enter the village chief’s house, interact with the note on the tabl, trigger the plot and trigger the boss battle.


In the boss battle, pay attention to choosing a channel far away from the mortar to avoid the shells, and the boss will accelerate in the middle, so you have to move fast at the beginning and can’t wait. When you reach the end of the channel, you can trigger the plot and get a doll. Then leave the house through the elevator and return to the entrance of the abandoned dungeon on the right side of the suffocation passage, go straight down and accept the verdict, then continue on.

Find that the road was blocked, and after passing through the crack in the wall, you will encounter a monster. Walk back from the crack and go into it again, and grabbed by a strange hand.

After that, there is only one way to go, no too much puzzles. In one map, you can find some immovable round boulders. After colliding with the crystal, unlock the hidden channel under the map and move forward from the hidden channel.

Enter the double chicken level, squeeze a chicken to the spikes below the map, cook the chicken into food, place it in the chicken coop, and leave at the bottom right after the plot.

Step on the pressure plate on the left and leave directly below.

After the plot, go straight down, go through one map and go forward from the right passage of the two passages.

Enter the refuge, and enter from the upper right passage, and trigger the plot above.

Enter the soul kingdom, trigger the plot, and leave from the gate of the kingdom.

Teleport to the room of the cross, get the cross, and leave from the left and go to the top of the high tower on the left side of the research room. Automatically place 4 objects, broken hand, diary, death’s determination, cross, then the throne above the research building will move to reveal the cave, Go out from the cave to the forest to trigger the plot.

Obtain the pliers from below and avoid self-destruction monsters. Use the pliers to fish out the spare key from the barrel on the left side of the mansion, and open the door of the mansion.

After entering, go left to trigger the gold coin to fall, get the gold coin, and then go to the upper left channel, step on the 9 squares in the middle of the vertical corridor in the order of the wall. If you step on it wrongly, you may die. If you don’t die, you can start from the frist step.

Put down the spikes and stuff the gold coins into the chest on the left to get a pair of eyes. Back to the two knights and found that the eyes can’t be set, go to the right passage.

Dodge the boulders and self-destruction, go to the Sokoban level.

The white stone in the upper right corner of the Sokoban level does not require interaction. The switch near the saving points can return the stones, push 3 stones to the 3 corners of the center of the map, and let the second girl step on the fourth pressure plate and enter from the upper channel.

Move left and right to detonate 4 self-detonations and take away the anti-magic axe.

Go back to the door of the 2 knights, take the anti-magic axe to interact with the knight on the left, and set the eyes, then use the axe to interact with the knight on the right to unlock the door.

Enter the hall of the mansion, smash the spar on the left to unlock the channel on the right, lean against the wall and go around the knight counterclockwise, go to the kitchen, get a human skull in the kitchen, avoid the boss (the boss will smash when it gets close to you, you can lure him smash the ground, and pass it while it’s waiting for the animation to end)

Come out of the kitchen and hit the spar, unlock the passage of the stairs on the second floor of the hall, and go up to the second floor.

Detonate and explode, go to the upper corridor, reach the top window, walk into the room on the left, get the bloodstained key in the room, and go back to the second floor stairs to unlock the door of the bloodstained laboratory.

Obtain the golden ritual axe on the upper wall in the laboratory, then return to the two gatekeepers, take the anti-magic battle axe away, and set the ritual axe on to it.

use the anti-magic axe to split through the two doors in the uppermost vertical corridor on the second floor. One is in the upper right corner, go in and get a shovel. Split the door in the lower left corner of the vertical corridor, go in and split the wooden board that seals the window in the upper left corner of the room according to the bookshelf prompts, let the light in, and gain the core of magic after the plot. Use the shovel to dig up the soil marked by the shovel picture on the left side of the laboratory door, and gets nourishment from the corpse.

Return to the magic circle to the left of the laboratory, automatically place the human head, flesh, and magic core, stand in the center of the magic circle to trigger the plot, and leave the laboratory to trigger the plot.

The left door of the horizontal corridor on the second floor was exploded. Enter and interact with the bookshelf in the upper right corner, press the button to unlock the hidden wall, and enter the hidden area in the lower left corner to trigger the plot.

After the plot, you will be chased and you need to left the room and walked up to the vertical corridor. At this time, the closed door at the bottom right of the vertical corridor opened, and the boss battle was triggered by entering from the inside.

Interact the magician mask, crib, cabinet to trigger the boss fight, avoid the bloody hands, and save files. There will be no bloody hands in a small area at the door that can be used to hide. After the boss comes out, guide the boss to smash the magician mask for a total of 3 times, and the boss disappears. Splash the immortal dragon’s blood in the cabinet on the magician mask, step on the crib and trigger the plot. (After the boss comes out, first stand in the center of the map to trigger a smash, then go to the mask to trigger another smash. Before the boss hurts you, move along the wall to the lower left to avoid bloody hands and bosses, after the smash is finished, move right to the boss’s down side to trigger the smash. And move to the left. At this time, the upper bloody hand disappears, and you can quickly break the level by repeatedly guiding the boss to smash the mask)

After the plot, go straight up in the chase fights and avoid the explosions till the cliff, triggering the plot.

After the plot, enter the cave on the upper right, avoid the spikes, hit the upper left crystal, and unlock the upward passage.


Go up and run counterclockwise to avoid the white stone, go up to the end, and climb the stairs.

Enter the Lich Conversion Room, go to the front left passage, interact with the bookshelf to unlock spikes, interact with the non-rotating spars to unlock spikes, press the upper left button more than ten times to kill high-level knight, unlock the prop in the crystals and obtain it.

Go to the right passage, go straight to the right, trigger the self-destruction, and then go left. This flame knight will only attack downwards without collision damage, enticing it to walk to the right, and then go to the lower left channel to get the prop, to win the time to get the prop and avoid the attack.

Go back to the middle room, go down the Phoenix stove to automatically transform the props into magic wand, press q to summon the self-explosive knight to attack the knight in front of the upper left ladder, and climb up the ladder.

By keeping the distance and moving to attack the knight, the knight cannot attack the slimes, and needs to lure the explosion by yourself. The knight of the forest will kill you instantaneously within 1 grid, don’t try to go around directly. When it is not in a straight line with the flame knights in the forest, the flame knight may not necessarily attack you. After attacking all the knights, return to the mansion.

(Just kill monsters. After killing the big rabbit, get the round sundial and stay in the four spars until the boss can be attacked) Start the final boss battle. Press w to attack the enemy more efficiently but more dangerously. The knights in the boss battle will wait for 1 second before the player enters the 1 grid area before launching a fatal attack, attacking the knights produced out from the top of the map to the left and right sides. Then there will be 4 self-detonations. After detonation, a high-level knight appears in the center of the field. Using of q and w together can increase the attack efficiency. After killing the high-level knight, a gray circular sundial is obtained from the ground. Then you need to stay in the 4 crystals till the boss is damageable. At this time, the flame knight will be spawned from the top, standing on the same horizontal line as the flame knight, using w to attack the flame knight can avoid its vertical downward attack and kill it safely. After killing, return to the 4 crystal encirclement until The fourth crystal began to operate, the filthy tide in front of the boss receded, and after ensuring that the self-destruction and the knight were cleared, q and w attacked the boss together, and the boss had no collision damage. Boss battles can be archived at any time, and the monsters can be returned to their original positions. However, under certain circumstances, it may be very stuck. After quickly killing the boss, all the mobs disappear, trigger the plot, teleport to the moon, make the final choice, and collecting all ancient fragments can unlock the true ending, the only difference is that there are more dialogues to expand the worldview.

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