Lunar Lich Game Settings And Beginners Guide

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Used to explain some settings in the game, hoping to improve the player’s experience

Plot explanation

The hostess appeared in a forest. She originally wanted to go directly to the lord’s house along the road to exchange favors for exclusive wands, but the road was blocked. The pile of tree trunks on the road is actually a pile of bones, and going up leads to the village, indicating that there have been many slaughters in the village. So this axe is destined to strike people.

The resentful spirit in the forest on the left has an explanation in the plot behind it. It was a victim in the village. The hostess burned her soul to open the door, so she chased it all the way.

After entering the cave, there will be a knight on top, and a knight lying on the side of the road. If you find it after the fallen knight has left, you can know that these knights are actually guards guarding the ruins of the moon, but they were taken away. Now, this should prove that the demon king and the lord who have the ability to seize the house are behind. These knights are controlled by the lord, so knights can also be found in the house of the lord behind. This knight jumped off the cliff next to the Wraith Spirit’s grave and was stranded by the current, so when the protagonist also fell and grounded, the knight lying on the ground on the right was the first fallen knight.

When you enter the cave on the right of the fallen knight, you can see the mural. In fact, it means that the cave inside is illuminated by monkfish, so you can’t go in. The monkfish is the watchdog of the knights. You can confirm the safety by scanning the data of the knight. , Thereby dispersing monkfish.

There is a bookcase downstairs outside the fish cave of Angkang, which mainly introduces the world view where the magical power can be restored when the moon rises. The archeologist who left the record had his self-defense dagger taken away by a mouse. After encountering the monkfish, he still chose to enter the monkfish cave and was forced to the small corner on the left, where he starved to death and turned into a starved ghost. Trying to eat the hostess. However, when the heroine first saw the archaeologist, it was already a corpse. In other words, the only way to go is to choose to leave. The talking dead may be a trap.

There are no specific plot explanations for the two lever-finding levels, but a bunch of knights who have been robbed of the consciousness guarding the gates of the Moon Ruins.

In the promenade of portraits, those paintings are actually hints of the worldview. Energy transceiver stations are established near the sun and relay points are established on the moon. The magician obtains magic power by receiving the energy transformed by the relay on the moon. And this level of ghosts hitting the wall is a defense system established by Lich scholars to resist invaders.

Entering the corridor outside the research room, you reach the miner level. In fact, the life energy of the Lich Scholar has been condensed into this miner’s story, including the death posture of the miner’s skeleton, which is actually very similar to the death posture of the Lich Scholar at the end of the game. of. The overall mental journey is closely related to the 4 items on the tower on the left obtained by the player. The first is to have lofty ideals, but to realize the ideals requires more things. Lich scholars need to obtain immortality to ensure that their research can continue. This symbolizes greed. In the Tauren boss battle, the magician mask needs to be The immortal dragon’s blood is also in the same line. After that, it is salvation, or if you are confused, you need to find a direction to atone for your greed and pay the price. For the lich scholars and miners, this price is death, that is, the determination of those who go to the dead. This concept is actually the same as what Confucius said, “You can hear the Tao at night, and you can die in the evening.” The image of a Lich scholar is the image of a scholar who pursues the truth to death.

As for the creation of the terminal, it is the expansion of the world view. The planet may be destroyed. Whether to stick to the original magic power or change to basic science is a question. Players ultimately need to make a choice. Upkins’s book describes the questioning of the true and false of magic. He eventually died in the north of the research room. The player obtained the Diary of the Dream Chaser from him, still an image of dying in pursuit of the truth.

The suffocation corridor is just a reminder that the lich, as an undead, does not need to breathe, it is used to enrich the character’s image.

Regarding the entrance to the abandoned dungeon, it can be known that humans normally cannot enter. The Hercules once said that either he is not a human or he has given up being a human being, sacrificing the souls of others in exchange for the opportunity to enter this area, and the second female can appear in the abandoned The reason for the dungeon is actually because she is not a human originally, but is a summoned object summoned with the full version of the magic circle in the lord’s laboratory, so the magic power is very strong, and she will not be harmed near the explosion judgment of the self-detonation monster. The soul of the wraith is burned to open the door in exchange for the path of the heroine, sacrifice herself for the dead doll so that the player can enter the abandoned dungeon, the cat of the second woman step on the pressure plate for the player to open the way, and a chicken in the double chicken level is boiled The other chicken survived. The themes of all these are completely connected. The story is that the second female is summoned as a summoning object to go to the civet cat to exchange for the prince, so that the female lord can survive, and all this is unfair, the female lord and the female The two should cooperate to defeat the source of the suffering, rather than killing each other. There is no need for the female lead to die for the female lead, and the female lead does not need to come back and die for the female lead. This is the sublimation of the theme. All this is based on the heroine’s trust in the second woman, and when the heroine really suffered, the second woman did not fall into trouble at all, but helped her escape. Without this foundation, the ending of this game will be similar to the ending of the traditional Japanese horror decryption. Maybe some people like the story of abusing sisters, but the lives of the two have just begun, and there may be a way out.

In the two rooms in front of the meeting with the female second, one of them is the refuge built by the female second, and the innermost is the place where the demon king was once sealed, until the demon king has slipped out and has the ability to seize the house. , Even the lord’s house has a bunny knight who has the consciousness of being seized. It can be said that the lord has long been possessed by the demon king. It can be seen from the refuge built by the second woman that growing vegetables in the dark actually does not fit the image of a maid. The second woman also said that she never sweeps the floor. In fact, it means that the second woman is not a maid, but an aristocrat. , This level of identity is just a disguise used to escape. It can be seen from the environment that the second woman was very uncomfortable after escaping, so she fled to the soul kingdom. The reason why she chose to settle outside the seal pillar was simply that the more dangerous the place, the safer it was. The second female in this state should have had hatred for the heroine for more than ten years, and she did not choose to retaliate. This is also the kind-hearted side of the female second heart, and her mental awareness is much higher than that of the female lead. In many cases, the Lord did everything by unscrupulous means. He chopped off the heads of knights and dug other people’s graves and burned the souls of others. The setting of the second female is actually like a mentally retarded child, although it is actually very smart, but the performance is naive, but the vertical painting drawn by the artist seems to make the female second look a lot smarter, and a little bit awkward. The original design of the female protagonist was also a red-haired and red dress, and red was used to express blood and cruelty, to highlight the unscrupulous and dark working style of the female protagonist, but the painter said that the dark jacket of the sailor suit is not suitable for the red skirt, although the forbidden Flanda sometimes They are also dressed like this, but in the end, the villain and Li-e are really different. After all, the painter’s paintings are indeed a little bit awkward.

This game originally used a soul-like narrative with few performances. Later, a lot of performances and dialogues were added to make the storyline a little more clear. However, the current state may still be relatively obscure. There are still many not mentioned here, I hope it can Enrich the experience of the game.