Thor: Love and Thunder actor Kieron L. Dyer talks concerning the floating head scene within the MCU movie, which has been the topic of a lot scrutiny.

Kieron L. Dyer, who portrayed Heimdall’s son, Axl, in Thor: Love and Thunder, has revealed how he shot his notorious “floating head” scene within the Marvel Studios movie.

In an interview with’s Josh Wilding, Dyer was requested about his expertise filming the controversial scene within the fourth Thor movie. “Yeah, so it was funny how they did it actually, because I thought I was going to be with the other actors when I did it but… so what happened was I came to set and I was the only person there,” Dyer revealed. “Because how they filmed it was, I was kind of sitting in this chair and the camera was like here, on my face, and it was just focusing on me.”

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Dyer continued, “And [director] Taika [Waititi] was there saying the other lines, as I say my lines,” he mentioned. “And so then he showed me the shot after of how they filmed that, because I wasn’t there when they filmed. They filmed it separately and kind of put my face in the scene.”

Marvel Has a VFX Problem

The scene in query, which featured Axl’s head showing as an astral projection to speak with Thor (Chris Hemsworth), has been closely criticized as a result of poor high quality of the scene’s VFX work. Although the CGI has since been up to date following Love and Thunder‘s launch on Disney+, many nonetheless contemplate the scene to be emblematic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rising VFX downside. Marvel Studios has been underneath main scrutiny lately over its remedy of VFX artists, which has resulted in what many contemplate to be low-quality CGI as of late. Waititi himself has even criticized Love and Thunder‘s visible results, notably for his character Korg. This backlash has reportedly led Marvel to contemplate creating its personal in-house VFX studio, though this has but to be formally confirmed.

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Although Axl was launched in Love and Thunder because the baby of longtime MCU character Heimdall (Idris Elba), Dyer’s function was created particularly for the movie and didn’t originate from the comics. Dyer was requested by Wilding about the way it felt to play a very authentic character for the movie. “It was really fun,” he mentioned. “And I also think that because Axl is a new character, like you said, and he isn’t in the comics, it was really fun to be able to play around with that… with Chris [Hemsworth] and with Taika [Waititi].”

Thor: Love and Thunder is obtainable to stream now on Disney+.

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