Lost Light evokes the Christmas update 2022



    Lost Light is NetEases’ new survival shooter. It came with a third-person perspective mode at the launch. In addition to Christmas 2022 update, the developer has introduced a first-person perspective mode to the game. It’s a shooter and the first person mode will be a good part of a game. That’s not all, the new update brings Christmas-themed events and the winter season to the game.

    An example of an average person is the best option for shooter games. As with mobile phones, many developers will probably opt for a third-person view. The choice varies widely from person to person, however, what can be better than to include both perspectives in the game? Okay, that’s what Lost Light is doing. This mode allows players to choose whichever mode they prefer.

    The first-person mod is going to make the combat even worse. Think of first-person games while also avoiding adversaries in pitch-black Mt. Akiyama, and looting enemies and chests in the confusing BAF factory. While you’re making an offer, the new update is celebrating Christmas and the Winter season.

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    The current version of Lost Light Christmas 2022 brings to the winter season the winter season.

    Lost Light took the weather system seriously. Now it’s time for the winter season to celebrate. Players can explore the new Winter Exclusion Zone where snow is our biggest enemy. On the other hand, you can enjoy the new Christmas party which features Gingerbread, the huge Targeted Serum and Permanent Weapon Skin.

    In summary, it is a pretty exciting time for the Lost Light players. Especially, the new first-person mode is coming up very quickly. Hopefully, the developer keeps working and updates updated, so that the players can continue to engage. This is why you should stay in the same way as the newcomers.




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