Lost Ark Maps + Collectibles

Lost Ark Maps + Collectibles

Lost Ark content guides. Including Adventure Books, instanced content guides like Guardian Raids, Island Hearts, an interactive map, collectible guides and more.

What is Papunika

Papunika[papunika.com] is a fansite for the game Lost Ark. On the site you can find a variety of guides and other information.

Popular Features

Popular features are listed below:

  • Beginner Guides
  • Growth and Gear Progression Guides
  • Skill Point Guide
  • Guides for Guardian Raids, Abyss Dungeons and other instanced content
  • Adventure Book/Tome Guides
  • Island Heart/Token Guides
  • Various Collectible Guides
  • Rapport/ Affinity Guides
  • Songs, Emotes, Runes
  • Interactive World Map (seen below)

Interactive World Map

Papunika also has an Interactive World Map[papunika.com] that can be used to find places and islands, complete Adventure Books & Island Hearts, find Mokoko Seeds or send others the location of something.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Lost Ark Adventure Books + Maps + Collectibles that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Ryu. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.