Lost Ark Basic Guide And Gameplay

Lost Ark Basic Guide And Gameplay

In the guide I will show you some websites that should make playing easier.

Lost Ark Codex

Lost Ark Codex[lostarkcodex.com] is one of the oldest websites dedicated to the game Lost Ark. Do you want to know how to get a certain item or what to do with all the different coins, what are they good for. You can find the answers on the Lost Ark Codex website. Every item, every quest is listed there. Probably not everything will be available in the EU/NA version right away, but this should be your first place to go if you want to know something about certain items, quests etc.

Lost Ark Interactive Map

On the Lostark-ES[lostark-es.com] website you can find an interactive map of Lost Ark. There are all the finds of certain items listed and also monsters, hidden quests, etc. for the adventure book for example. Dungeons are also available!

Lost Ark Tree

Lost Ark Tree[lostarktree.ru] is a skill builder website. There you can create your builds or view them from other users. Additionally you can sort by ratings, PVP, PVE, date etc. The Website is also available on english.



Papunika [papunika.com]has some really good info, especially on boss mechanics.

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Lost Ark Season 2.5 Guide

Guide[docs.google.com] Many Informations about Lost Ark Season 2

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Lost Ark FAQ

Some Question that was answered in this Doc[docs.google.com]

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Event Planner

Event Times in Lost Ark[lostarkplanner.web.app]

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