Loop Hero variables.ini translation

Loop Hero variables.ini translation

Loop Hero variables.ini translation

In the game folder there is a handy file named “variables.ini”.
It contains, well, variables for basically anything that requires a variable.
While variable names are more or less self-explanatory in most cases, dev comments are written in Russian.
Translating those might (or not) give some insight for our English-speaking friends.
Variable without comments are not featured in this guide.

If some of those comments don’t make sense in English – do not worry, they are not making sense in Russian either.
Given the pattern of typos and grammar errors both in comments and in-game text, I suspect that developer’s native language is Bulgarian. Russian was probably used just for communication between developers.


INI_HPMAX=15; +HP for single point
INI_HPMAX_BASE=76; +HP base (*level)
INI_ATT=1.2; +Attack for single point
INI_ATT_BASE=3.5; +Attack base (*level)
INI_DEF=1.2; +Armor for single point (shield only) was 0.8
INI_DEF_BASE=2.4; +Armor base (shield only) was 3
INI_DEFUP=1.6; +Armor base but as attribute (for anything else and not as primary attribute) was 2
INI_DMG=2.2; +damage for single point as magic damage (i.e. for all items not primary attribute) was
INI_ATTSPD=4; was 4.5
INI_REGEN=3; was 4.5
INI_EVADE_BOOTS=2; was 2.5
INI_HPMAG=11; was 2
INI_HPMAG_BASE=17; was 12
INI_LVLPLUS_BASE=0.25; was 0.25
INI_SKELMAX=10; chance that one of item’s stats will change into +1 to max skellies
INI_SKELPOWER=0.15; was 0.13
INI_SKELPOWERUP=0.27; was 0.25


herospd=0.30 ; previously was 0.24
timespd=0.25 ; previously was 0.2

; number by which enemy stats are increased per loop for specific difficulties

; number by which enemy stats are multiplied for specific difficulties

; lightnings, evil grass, arrow hail and etc
; lightnings then we add target’s armor*number of temples

ATTSPD_BASE_NEKR=0.4 ; necromancer’s attack speed
TURN_START_NEKR=0.85 ; necromancer starts with attack bar filled by…

STAMINA_BASE=100; base stamina
STAMINA_PERSEC=15; stamina regen by second
STAMINA_ATTACK=25; how much stamina is deducted per attack
STAMINA_EVADE=10; how much stamina is deducted per dodge
STAMINA_NOEVADE=10; how much stamina is added for taking a hit in a face

RYTSAR_DMG_PER_SEC=0.02 ; knight’s damage increase per second


Editor’s note – they mention skill names in quotes. I am just haphazardly guessing how they translated those into English, those are more than likely to be wrong.
If you would be so kind to point out that out to me while providing correct skill name, I will add them into this section.

; common skills
no_lost_card=10; chance not to loose the card when played, with exception of glod (sic) cards “Cheater”
topography=0.5; how much hp/loop/road adjasent tile hero restores when passing the tile “topography”
forget_heal=0.1; oblivion’s heal in percentage
supplies_leave=0.1; how much loot hero leaves in camp, percentage “stock”

; boss skills (also common)
fastertime=1.15; how faster is the time flow with “endless voyage”
chunk_to_full=2; chance that shard will transform into a full sphere with “lucky find”
chest_spawn=5; chance to spawn a chest with “treasure hunter”
blood_light_nekr=20; chance to launch a blood lightning for necromancer or his skeleton “blood gift”
search_pockets=30;chance to get a shard with “pickpocket”
build_exp=8;how much experience*loop does hero get for each building with “experienced architect”
enemy_noskill=25;chance to remove the last enemy attribute with “eye of the god”
range_reflect=60;chance to deflect an enemy shot from third row “(barely translatable Russian idiom)”
potion_nospend=40;chance to save a potion with “bottomless bottle”
blind_fury=0.2;threshold below which “blind fury” will be activated (4 fast hits)
lightning_hits=20;chance to make3 hits by n% damage “lightning hits”
lighthit_dmg=0.5;which percent of damage are dealt by “lightning hits”
hunter_mark=2;how much damage*loop is dealt with hunter’s mark

; knight’s skills
shieldbash_chance=10; stun chance with “shield master”
ram_chance=75; chance to stun every enemy with first hit with “ram”
shieldbash_time=1;stun time for “shield master” and “ram”
bronnik_def=1;+armor per loop for “skilled armorer”
buckler_heal=1.5; how much hp/loop is restored per counter with “buckler”
dogmat=0.65; how much percents from max hp becomes a defense bar
eskanor_dmg=2; damage multiplier from “eskanor gift”
dodge_strike=35; counter chance with “somersault”
potion_dmg=1.5; how much damage each imbibed potion gives for “strong aftertaste”
def_to_dmg=0.2; armor percent converted into damage with “mass superiority”
doubleregen=0.3; hp threshold below which double regen starts with “survival master”

; rogue skills
soomatoha=0.07; by how much enemy damage is reduced with “Flurry” (0.1=10%)
smokescreen_hp=0.2; by loosing how much hp in percentage a smoke screen is activated
smokescreen_timer=2; duration of smoke screen
counter_theft=50; chance to steal a clothing item when countering
marauder=3; starting with this many enemies give additional trophy
volk_chance=75; chance to summon a wolf
trophy_maxhp=1; how much maximum HP is added to rogue per trophy by “old scars”
gigacrit_chance=0.5;chance to deal 1000% damage per each 10% of lost hp
kill_heal=3;how much hp is restored per kill by “nothing sacred”
fencer_chance=10;double hit chance “fencing master”

; necromancer’s skills
skel_anotherone=20; chance to summon two skeletons while summoning the last
skellvl_plus=0.25; adds to skeleton level each loop
skel_deathheal=3; how much hp/loop skeleton death will restore
skel_kill_buff=0.1; strength and hp buff to skeleton from killing an enemy
skel_protechit=15; skeleton’s chance for a free attack after hero takes directed damage
summon_maghp=0.5; how much magic armor is gained per skeleton summon


Editor’s note: Finlal is a developer of this here gaem. Deceiver, blinch and limbo are probably just some random words.

chest_emptychance=20; chance for chest to be “empty”
worm_escapechance=40; chance for worm to “retreat”
skeleton_breakchance=50; chance for skeletons to survive (“unfinished”)
rupturechance=20; “rend” chance
spider_net=5; chance to net
poison_chance=10; chance to poison
itemdestroy_chance=5; chance to destroy hero’s item per hit “thief”

pugalo_hitall=0.3; amount of damage to all from scarecrow (percentage from damage)
poison_dmg=2; amount of damage from poison/loop

presence_debuff=0.15; by how much speed is reduced “presence”
stone_gaze_debuff=0.1; by how much speed is reduced “stone gaze”
legion_buff=0.15; by how much damage is increased by every other “legionnaire”
slippery_evade=20; dodge chance “moist lovers” //editor’s note: sic, but also WTF?
tracked_down_debuff=0.2;by how much armor and dodge are reduced by “tracking”
book_maghp_buff=5; how much magic armor per loop will book give to allies at the fight start
nabl_maghp_buff=5; how much magic armor per loop will be given by observer per buff
impenetrable=0.4; damage reduction for “impenetrable” enemies (0.4 = 60%)
learner_dmg=0.3; how much damage/loop is given by “learner”
corrosion_def=0.3; how much armor is removed by corrosion hit
thickhide_dmg=0.3; defines max percent from max hp given by “thick hide”

gool_resptime=0.7; ghoul respawn timer (in seconds)
gool_respawn=20; ghoul respawn chance (“brain intact”)
stackarmor_time=3; duration for stacked armor to last
stackarmor_size=1; how much armor per loop is given by each shield of stack armor (“breeze up”)
forsee_time=3; how much per second does foresight work

komar_hits=2; how much hits does mosquito need to fill his blood bag
komar_explosdmg=40; explosion damage per loop

deceiver_hp=2; deceiver hp per killed enemy
deceiver_hp_minus=0.02; deceiver’s hp reduction for each vacant slot in supply
deceiver_deadline=0.2;hp threshold which double’s dima’s attack speed – “deadline”

blinch_loop_evd=2; blinch’s evade per loop
blinch_volume=0.75;how much damage is added/substracted to/from blinch for game’s volume setting
blinch_procrast=30;chance that attack wont happen because of “procrastination”

limbo_dmg_buff=5; dmg buff given to lim for each empty tile in camp
limbo_disputes_hp=0.6; hp threshold for “pointless arguments”
limbo_disputes=3; stun duration for all enemies “pointless arguments”

finlal_map_atspd=0.01; finlal’s attack speed buff for each vacant spot on map
finlal_bug=0.01; hp threshold for “feature, not a bug”



;palace buff
lich_palace_buff=5; by how much percentage does palace buff lich’s hp and damage

prist_hits=1 ;once per how many hits does priest restore windows. If 1 – then each second (bcs we count from 0), if 2 – then each 3rd and etc

hunter_hits=1 ; once per how many hits does hunter buff the dogs, dropping aggro is hardcoded to avoid introducing another variable. Counting logic is same as priest’s

; секретный босс
; secret boss


skelnormal_hp=10 ; necromancer’s skeleton
skelnormal_str=4.8 ; was 5
skelnormal_def=4 ; was 3.9
skelnormal_spd=0.54 ; was 0.56

skeldefence_hp=13 ; armored skeleton
skeldefence_str=3 ; was 3
skeldefence_def=6 ; was 5
skeldefence_spd=0.41 ; was 0.41

skelattack_hp=8 ; assassin skeleton
skelattack_str=6.5 ; was 7
skelattack_def=4 ; was 3.6
skelattack_spd=0.63 ; was 0.66


Editor’s note: Yeah, I am not touching the resource names at the moment as I am not sure if orbs or shards are implied here.

; chunk prices – price of whole/number of chunks +20% (writing this down is not necessary, but I wrote down zeroes to avoid confusion)
; sell price – half of buying price

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Loop Hero variables.ini translation that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Russian Sly. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.